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  1. Thanks for your share i really appreciate it
  2. This is a tough one, i like nike for the og shoes like airforce 1 and air max 97 but adidas really killing them at the moment
  3. it is really dead, the last time i played it was summer 2017 . They just keep making new game modes everytime that are pretty much too familiar to previous ones.
  4. PC Master race. Consoles just dont deliver the performance and quality i enjoy
  5. You need to read the rules to understand what to do, its pretty straight forward.
  6. I am shocked people prefer the tits over the ass. ASS all the way . You gotta eat the booty like its groceries. SIMPLE....
  7. Hulu for shows and Netflix for movies IMO
  8. COD any day , i just dont enjoy battlefield and their games take so long .