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  1. Hope it works. Anyway thank you for your effort
  2. Thank you for sharing with us
  3. Thank you for account
  4. This is amazing. Thank you for this I really appreciate it!
  5. Nice job. Thank you for this
  6. As an android person i would say Samsung. But in the android world i prefer Huawei and Oneplus phones, even LG over Samsung
  7. Price gone up because of mining... I think that prices will drop eventually as soon as this hype goes so better to wait + you could buy next gen for similar price
  8. Messi definitely. Complete player who can play as winger, striker, central midfielder and attacking mid. He creates chances, dribbles, he is playmaker and of course he scores a lot of goals. Ronaldo is great, but he is only goalscorer - which is still pretty good. Salah very good, this season is amazing.
  9. An hour ago Honor 10 was introduced to Europe. Price of 64gb version is 400€ and 128gb is 450€. It is much cheaper than P20 and should be cheaper than Lg G7 (some expect it to sell around 600€). Considering price and features is LG G7 worth the money or should I buy Honor?
  10. Hello! I am new here, as you can see my username is GHS_Rider Student of information technologies and amateur soccer player. Enjoy rest of the day