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  1. thank you very much :), nice to have access
  2. thank you a lot ;), appreciated
  3. thank you! hope it still works
  4. thank you man for this appreciate
  5. thank you for sharing i hope it works ;p
  6. thank you for sharing very much, wish you all the best ;)
  7. Thank you, it's nice to have a nice look
  8. thank you for better quality videos
  9. thank you for chance for better quality ! ;D
  10. Thank you for chance to see better quality !
  11. robb123

    HDD or SSD

    SSD is much much faster, good for system, and HDD for space not to delay SSD
  12. I use VLC media player, it's free and pretty good
  13. Netflix has more movies i think, and tv series so it's better