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  1. Xfinity x1 [Valid Till Feb 2019]
  2. Welcome to the NTG community mate! If you're looking to learn cracking then you have come to the best place on the internet.
  3. Ok bro! Feeling privileged to have been given this chance. Please guide me in Discord as well, I would be requiring your occasional help real-time with regards to this new opportunity so that I could best perform it.
  4. Ya, I'm more than ready to do this part and would try and to do justice to this prestigious role. At least I can do a humble beginning with what skills I have for now in config making, largely in sentry though.
  5. Hi @julian I am ready for the task, I feel there should be a separate provision wherein the broken configs are assigned to aspiring Config Mastas with a timeline. If they are able to complete and post the fixed version in reply to that, then its a valid entry on their part. We never know we might get good new config mastas if we have a larger sample size of aspirants. Maybe NTG discord server has a role in this where the fixed status of the configs could be notified to the Config Masta or any other staff who has assigned the work. Just a suggestion!
  6. All the additions have made NTG even more colorful. Thanks!
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