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  1. Category: Porn Combo: User Combo Proxy: No Bots: 5 Proof: Config:
  2. This is something which I would rate as 'Generosity at its best' from your side. In this fast world, no one has any time for others to even talk to, let alone fulfilling needs. Kudos to you on this thought of yours. I feel you can even extend your accessibility through Discord as well apart from skype as this is the new age sensation of late.
  3. JunooN

    Hey Guys

    Hi, welcome to the best crackingforum NTG! Enjoy your stay.
  4. @figaro I believe PU is the first awesome opportunity that a normal user gets in NTG and infact this is an excellent platform from where we can grow to greater heights and that's why I feel new PU's should put more focus in using this privilege of PU status to learn cracking and stuffs instead of just fulfilling their lust. All @Power User Take me for example, I was nothing at first when I joined NTG however I was really impressed with the kind of talented users, especially crackers I saw back in May'18 when I joined. I started to look around the forum and started to learn basics of cracking from whatever tutorials we had and started contributing to the Wednesday Ultimate toss. One fine day our HR Manager @Bonez gave me a chance to be a part of PU and from there on there was no stopping for me. I continued to learn the basics of cracking besides contributing in both Wednesday & Monday UT. Then came the biggest break for me in our forum and it was again our HR Manager (rightly so) inducted me to Trial config maker with what little skills I had that time compared to the legends of crackers our forum has. After showing some of my work as a Trial, @Bonez later introduced me to the Staff team, arguably the most awesome staff team of the cracking world at present and bestowed me with the rank of Config Masta, something which I still consider as a dream come true as I rate NTG highest amongst all other Tom, Dick & Harry crackingforums that mushrooms every now and then and disappears without notice, we're here for 10+ years....TEN plus years it is so you can guess who's the Daddy in crackingforum business now. I just wanted to share this experience of mine with you all members, especially the PU's so you know & realize that there's a lot...lot more ahead you can go in NTG and don't restrict yourselves to just taking accounts and stuffs as these things keep changing but the talent acquired remains with you. Just think how awesome it could be if one or many from you gets a chance to be a part of our staff team as a Contributor or a Config Masta, its life here. Regards! @JunooN
  5. This config hits everything actually, premium & free included. Capture couldn't be made as there was a repetitive error so, in order to avoid that, I had to keep it as it is.
  6. Sorry for the inconvenience caused, I have just added the password which I had missed to include in the post.
  7. This utility tool can be used for checking the domains of the email combo and it perfectly displays all the domains present in the combolist with breakup. The results are saved in a separate folder named 'Results' having .txt files with domain names. Password: NeThinGoez
  8. Thanks for the guideline, this way the account would be available with the necessary details and the user would know what's in store.
  9. Category: Filehost Combo: Email Combo Proxy: Yes Bots: 15 max Additional Info: Use SSL/L1 & L2 proxies as this method bans proxies ridiculously fast, no capture though for which accounts with Turbo Access are not filtered Proof: Config: