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  1. JunooN

    I'm Back

    Hi @ImBakedRu Welcome back! I have set you up as OG in our discord channel as well.
  2. If that's so then someone must have cashed in by offering there services on something which was going nowhere. I would first take the refund in this case for whosoever have worked for the sake of working without intending to cause any effect.
  3. Without your support I would have managed nothing, I owe this to you bro! At the same time, I must mention the continued support from our entire staff team has only lifted me up, much respect to all.
  4. As the title of the post and the image above suggests, this is kind of those achievement and bragging posts but I am so much excited that I couldn't hold back from posting this. Today I am more than happy to announce the completion of my very first year in NTG since my joining back in 20th May 2018. I actually managed to grow from a normal user to someone who is now able to work for NTG as a staff. This goes to show that NTG is a forum where you can make it real big if you are determined to go ahead and upgrade yourself. With very little knowledge of cracking I first joined NTG last year and after joining I started to polish my skills more and more and took a small break, came back again, started off with little contributions with whatever hits I got from the public combos. Then came the big break as the talented and badass owner of NTG @Bonez upgraded me to my applied position of Power User by politely telling me this line: ''I expect that you give something and not only take. I count on you'' I tried my best to do justice to what he said as I didn't wanted to let him down.I kept on learning and contributing at the same time and later applied for the position of config masta which we needed after our resurrection from a big downtime, I was enrolled in as a trial cracker and I worked on several broken configs to fix and put them back into shape. This in turn got me inducted as a formal config masta and I went on to work in that position. However, I always wanted to do more and more work for NTG and I showed my interest in becoming a Mod/Maintenance and as the requirement aroused, I was promoted to our prestigious staff team to the position that I am currently in and to be honest, this entire ride from a nominal member to a staff has been very special and I hope to more work for our wonderful forum, which I refer to as my ''Second Home'' I wrote this post not just to mention what I have achieved but to let you all know that if you want to grow and learn then NTG is the place to be, we're looking for more and more fresh talent and I bet that you'll will be in for a awesome ride by being a part of our community. Regards! @JunooN
  5. @Enchantress This is exactly what I have always wondered and tried umpteen times on Google to see if it manages to redirect to NTG and it never happened. This must be happening with many of our old users as well who are not able to connect back. This is one of the main reason for which I encouraged @Bonez to let our Discord spread a little so we at least keep getting members from an alternative source. But that is not going to be enough to get us back the kind of activity that we have had in the past. As you mentioned, we seem to have only two choices in front of us, either we find a way to convince Google to unban us and allow our domain to be listed again or we'll have to see if with a slight tweak in our domain, if its at all technically feasible to get the dice rolling for us. But its time that we should make one choice out of the awesome people holding the two mighty ranks mentioned below is all we can look forward to for a brighter future of NTG and I hope, we will sustain like we have been for the past 11 years. @Teh Owner @The Owner
  6. Lol this is the first topic I read after waking up in the morning. Thought it was with regards to our code of ethics or something.
  7. This Account is Dead & No longer Working.
  8. More power for NTG! Kudos to the winners for their deserved win.
  9. By the time we get that back, you can try pressing the page up button, I normally use it while reading long pages.
  10. He provided the new download link in response and I have edited the post with the link and added the VT link as well.