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  1. I just checked and noticed the same issue. Till now I only used this version to test my previously made configs which went fine but config saving part I didn't perform so it went unnoticed. I shall update the link as and when I find a solution to this matter.
  2. Awesome! I never tried that thinking it might disrupt the tool from working. But I just tried and saw its working like charm without causing the redirect. I have updated the rar file with the BB 2.0.2 launcher.
  3. In my 12 hours of testing this version, I noticed no crash yet, I guess this one is exempt of that issue.
  4. Info From JunooN Just like the earlier version, I got hold of this latest release of Black Bullet as well, so I thought of sharing it to our forum without any delay after I completed checking the VT analysis of the file which was quite satisfactory and overwhelming as I got a 1/56 in the scan results, totally unbelievable but quite satisfying. I am still wondering how I didn't get even false positives which are normally seen upon scanning these cracking tools. Well anywayz, without any further write up, I am now posting the tool with all info that I have got along with the release. I have tried the tool myself entire day today and am quite pleased with it. Please Note:- This is a cracked version of the official edition so as usual, configs made out of the official release won't fit in this one. Changelog For Black Bullet Version 2.5.1 Major Changes: - [Bugfix] Massively reduced the CPU usage - [Change] Turned the useless "encode content" option into "save response source". When disabled, this allows you to avoid saving the response source (e.g. when you only need to get the cookies and the response is too long). This allows you to give much less load to the CPU on newly created configs (when possible). - [Feature] In the Hits DB you can now select some hits, right click and select to Recheck them. This will quickly make a new list, import it and select the list and the config in the bruteforcer, greatly speeding up this annoying process, so you just have to press start and the hits will be rechecked. Minor Changes: - [Improvement] Now creating a new config feels better (auto focus on name box and accept on ENTER). - [Feature] New option in Settings > General to keep the main window always on top of other programs. - [Feature] New option in Settings > Proxies to use regex matching of ip:port when parsing from the hot reload API (e.g. when proxies come inside a HTML or json response or with a comma at the end of the line). - [Bugfix] Fixed a bug in navigate block where it would continue in some ERROR cases. - [Bugfix] Other small bugfixes Virus Total Result & Link:- Quite amazing to have gotten only one detection but who cares! https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/8d8323837c54718424737e5bc97d9d7d54d6a81ee9980d61c29e373690e0c34a/detection Download Link:- Source:- One of My Discord Contact
  5. This username seems familiar, I guess I have seen it somewhere but don't recall the website name. It very well could be NTG as well, from the past maybe lol But definitely not the guy you mentioned above lmao
  6. Black Bullet 2.5.0 So I just got hold of the latest release of Blackbullet and here I present it for all our NTG members! New Update Features : * GPU overloading was fixed * replaced the oly proxy system with a new one * fixed the gui sizements over OSs Virustotal Link:- 19/62 (Tested myself and found false positives) https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/d521e4b390ac4c89d971b504fbc42113d081b6b0e8dd458d8aef2d2368ca5643/detection
  7. Category: Porn Combo: User Combo Proxy: No Bots: 5 Proof: Config:
  8. Category: Porn Combo: User Combo Proxy: No Bots: 5 Proof: Config:
  9. Category: Porn Combo: User Combo Proxy: No Bots: 5 Proof: Config:
  10. Like few mentioned above, the new theme seemed nice with a change but its a bit more darkish than usual and was loading slower for me. It would be good to see some other optional themes which goes best with NTG.
  11. Category: Porn Combo: User Combo Proxy: Yes (Use SSL Proxies) Bots: 15 Proof: Config:
  12. Category: Porn (Interracial) Combo: User Combo Proxy: No Bots: 5 Proof: Config: