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  1. Not a single ex-staff was demoted during this process which we performed as a team with utmost care.
  2. Well I do understand the frustration you had to deal with but it was the joint decision made by the @Admin @Super Mod team to take this harsh step. As we have been observing since long that the Power User group has become very much dormant and there was no such activity that the group exhibited before when it was newly launched. You can clearly read in the thread posted by me that we are gonna recruit the PU's back to the group once again when we see the activity from their part. It is not necessary to be active with account/passes contribution, you can simply come and be a part of the community making comments and posts with useful information related to cracking etc. We even have opebned positions for procy maker and combo master as we saw very less activity in these two zones, you can even do that to regain your status. AND YEAH We DO NOT forget our heroes, this is the reason we have the esteemed @Hall of Fame group dedicated to them only. And let me tell you that we sorted out 151 PU's for demotion earlier and have NOT demoted 32 PU from that list coz their contribution was way too higher and some were even ex-staffs who we chose not to demote. But we would definitely re-look into your case and let our team decide the best possibility. Remember one thing! The staff team of NTG is dedicated to take the steps for the best interest of the forum and no member or staff is big enough than our community of 11 years and our @Teh Owner @The Owner have entrusted us with this responsibility. We demote, we reinstate, we ban.....all for the sake of our community as the show must go on for its existence as we exist coz of NTG, at least I do. Regards! @JunooN
  3. This announcement is especially meant for the Power User group and directly refers to the users who are PU at present, the ones who were once PU before being demoted to Members0 and also new members who wants to become PU in future. As you would have seen that @alucard mentioned in a topic made an announcement on June 21st 2019 regarding the inactivity of Power Users and that we were gonna demote PU's with no activity/contributions in the recent past. We even monitored PU for the next 15 days after that notification but found only two PU who became active and hence did not demoted them, we expected more activity though but it was not to be. Therefore, we had to demote a whooping 129 Power Users out of 251 as they had no recorded contributions, not even a single post with accounts or anything related to cracking or something which other members could make use of. We had to get rid of this dead weight as we want to see more competition and we only want the most active users to be in the PU group. But lets now talk of something good, yeah, there's still a good chance left with all those 129 users who have lost their PU status to REGAIN the same and we would be more than happy to give it back to them. And all you need to do is to re-do what you guys did the best in the past and that is CONTRIBUTION coz it would be unfair if you only TAKE and not SHARE anything in return as NTG still believes that SHARING IS CARING and with this we can go even longer than what we already achieved in this 11 years of online time. Also, I welcome new users to focus on their contributory level as our staff team is very keen to include fresh blood in the POWER USER group and that is the significant reason behind this step that we have taken. For some it may look harsh but we would name it as GROWING PAIN which only results in fruitful results with time. Anywayz, I would like to sign off here as the topic has already become lengthy enough from a simple announcement to an essay but I wanted to come up with the most clearest form of statement to properly justify on what we are up to for the better understanding of our beloved users and the opportunities that lies ahead of them as we would be continuously monitoring users and would even manually upgrade them to PU when their activity levels becomes optimum. Best regards! On behalf of NTG staff team, @Teh Owner @The Owner @Admin @Super Mod @Moderator @Config Masta @Contributor @JunooN List of 129 PU whom we had to demote for non-activity:-
  4. Welcome to NTG, enjoy your stay at the forum.
  5. I have personally seen your posts and you have earned this only for the efforts that you have made over the last few years and of late.
  6. Thanks @Illusive-Man for the entire organization of the various OTM of the month. Also for introducing the new ranks which brings new opportunities for our members. Congratulations 🎉 to @esteder for winning the MOTM. @alucard is awesome as always, congratulations to him as well.
  7. We are happy to see you back and its good to know about your skills. You might want to start off again to show your metal of a real PU. Cheers!
  8. Its not me but your work that builds and keeps your status afloat.
  9. While checking PU profiles, I found your status fair enough and so you're not in the list of demotion that I have already published. Keep doing your fair bit mate.
  10. JunooN


    Welcome to Nethingoez.com @Marypov Enjoy your stay in the community.
  11. Category: Porn (Transgender) Combo: User Combo Proxy: No Bots: 5 Proof: Config: Note: This is my maiden LGBT config that I have made to revive this section which @Bonez talked about whilst me and @xcyclonix were having a chat on posting configs of this genre.
  12. JunooN

    Hey all

    Welcome to NTG, enjoy your stay here in the forum.
  13. Not sure if leaving NTG was the last resort for you or you could have done something for a better settlement. I'm totally unbeknownst of what has happened for which you had to this or even the reason was good enough for you to leave the community you cared so much about. It's hard to find such active minds in forums and it's definitely not the best of thing for NTG to see you go. I'm even unsure about the possibilities of your return to our community to fill the void that has been made coz I don't exactly know what's going through your mind regarding this. But one thing is for sure that our staff team would dearly want to see you back again to doing what you did best as a staff. See what best you can do mate.
  14. JunooN

    I'm Back

    Hi @ImBakedRu Welcome back! I have set you up as OG in our discord channel as well.