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  1. That's what we call a mega share, wow!
  2. Thanks a lot for the share, its a new site for me.
  3. I wish to apply for the Config Masta position as I can make the config of any GET site and can take out a SK thereof. In POST sites also I can make config with capture and overall, I can make good combolist that gives me good HITS. I am presently working on SQLi dumper and want to polish my combo making skills. I rather want to be tested with certain sites given from your end, I would try and make configs of them and if I do good enough then count me in for this post or else I am ready to wait till I match the standards of the great crackers of NTG. I'm just using this opportunity to make it big as I don't know when such openings would be provided again so just wanted to make the most of it which is up for the grabs. Regards!