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  1. Hope this tutorial will help me be better creating configs. Gotta start somewhere. Thanks for the share.
  2. musica22

    Yahoo VS Gmail

    Gmail for everything really. Ymail is well past tense. Practically use Gmail for anything IT related
  3. Eid Mubarak to all observing. May you're good deeds during the Ramadan is accepted and blessing to all.
  4. There's website selling proxy by the hour, free trial etc. Might try your luck there as well. Gl.
  5. This should help me get going with my practices, hope the guide will improve what I can do now. Thanks a lot for sharing this. Appreciate it.
  6. made a config myself, would like to compare with yours cant seem to get redirect to get the capture thanks btw this is my config screenshot
  7. Stumbled upon this site many times upon googling for configs and what not I guess i just have to register to get involved with this community looking forward to get in touch with anyone
  8. yea me too, welcome to us who doesnt love a good tv show and movies eh
  9. netflix of course, more content hbo is limited per say
  10. alldebrid but this age, for shows just stream
  11. atm listening to upbeat music, it depends on the mood really