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  1. I state that I have never had so much time available for my personal interests. I've always spent about 14 hours a day away from home. In the first days that I was forced to stay indoors, I realized that my wife and children seemed like good people to me. But as the days went by, I realized that they didn't think the same about me. So I isolated myself in the attic, and for some weeks I have been in quarantine from my house. My family is happy not to have me in their daily habits and I am happy to have all the time I need to improve my chess style through online lessons and leave in dedicated rooms. Also I listen to a lot of music, I avoid watching TV, and I try to do physical activity by moving from the armchair to the bathroom and vice versa, even 10 times a day! But in the past few weeks I have found that I like to interact with NTG members, and cracking is giving me great satisfaction. So I decided to learn, C ++ and kali linux, because I need clean combos and the only way to have them is to understand how to get good shells and then great wordlists. In the next few days, to take full advantage of this great opportunity that quarantine has given me, I will start studying from an old neurology text that dates back to the eighteenth century and that was given to me at my graduation and that I never had time to to read. And so the picture will be complete.
  2. Tomorrow morning everything will be clearer!
  3. Merry Christmas to all and and happy new year! JTB.
  4. thanks so much to share this configs.
  5. You were without words but you still have big tits!