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  3. LimeStealer v0.1+Tutorial A very simple application as browser recovery. It will send to you an email with all passwords. I will add keylogger, downloader, spreader and many features next update. ========== Chrome Firefox Opera Yandex Vivaldi Chromium Torch Comodo Xpom Orbitum Kometa Amigo Nichrome Brave Feel free to post a suggestion. Some ideas for next version [+] Keylogger | supports multi-languages [+] Spreader | spread USB [+] Disabler | disable some function such as WD [+] Downloader | download and execute a payload [+] Killer | to kill and destroy all the malwares. ICQ:653580170 jabber: LimeStealer,LimeStealer cracked,LimeStealer cracked download ,free download LimeStealer,LimeStealer keylogger,LimeStealer password stealr
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  5. HawkEye Keylogger Cracked+TUtorial HawkEye collects the following system information that it then sends to the attacker to notify them that the program has successfully been executed on target computers: ========== • Computer name • Installed antivirus and firewall products • Internal and external IP addresses • OS HawkEye can also be set to terminate the following Microsoft Windows® programs when executed to evade detection and removal: • Command Prompt • Registry Editor System Configuration • Task Manager To recover passwords from email clients and Web browsers, HawkEye executes NirSoft applications such as Mail PassView [3] and WebBrowserPassView [4]. It also has other notable features such as: • Deletes cookies • Denies access to certain websites • Displays an error message upon execution • Downloads and executes files • Forces computers to log in to Steam™ • Retrieves most recent Minecraft log-in file • Spreads via removable drive • Steals Bitcoin wallets ICQ:653580170 jabber: HawkEye Keylogger Cracked,HawkEye Keylogger ,how to use HawkEye Keylogger Cracked,how to config HawkEye Keylogger Cracked,how to config keylogger,how to setup keylogger,
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  7. SqlMapGUI 2.0 ========== sqlmap is an open source software that is used to detect and exploit database vulnerabilities and provides options for injecting malicious codes into them. It is a penetration testing tool that automates the process of detecting and exploiting SQL injection flaws providing its user interface in the terminal ICQ:653580170 jabber: SqlMapGUI,sqlmap,sqlmap gui download,sql penetration tools,sql pentester tools
  8. VanillaRat 1.7+Source VanillaRat is an advanced remote administration tool coded in C#. VanillaRat uses the Telepathy TCP networking library, dnlib module reading and writing library, and Costura.Fody dll embedding library. Features: ========== Remote Desktop Viewer (With remote click) File Browser (Including downloading, drag and drop uploading, and file opening) Process Manager Computer Information Hardware Usage Information (CPU usage, disk usage, available ram) Message Box Sender Text To Speech Screen Locker Live Keylogger (Also shows current window) Website Opener Application Permission Raiser (Normal -> Admin) Clipboard Text (Copied text) Chat (Does not allow for client to close form) Audio Recorder (Microphone) Process Killer (Task manager, etc.) Remote Shell Startup Security Blacklist (Drag client into list if you don't want connection. Press del. key on client to remove from list) ICQ:653580170 jabber: VanillaRat 1.7,VanillaRat,VanillaRat open,VanillaRat source,VanillaRat open source,VanillaRat free,VanillaRat free download,download VanillaRat,
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  14. Learning Tor and the Dark Web MP4 | Video: AVC 1280x720 | Audio: AAC 48 kHz 2ch | Duration: 1 Hour | 132.3 MB Genre: eLearning | Language: English ========== The dark web-a bastion of encrypted websites that can be visited and hosted anonymously-is home to criminals and privacy-minded citizens alike. In this course, learn about the social and technical underpinnings of the dark web, as well as how you can access and host websites that are hidden from prying eyes. Instructor Mike Chapple provides some history on the dark web and the Tor Browser, the basic software needed to access the dark web and browse the internet anonymously. He then goes over the basics of encryption and shines a light on the technical aspects of the Tor network, as well as how to use it to browse the standard Internet anonymously. Plus, get briefed on the potential vulnerabilities that users of anonymized networks should watch out for. ICQ:653580170 jabber:
  15. Kali Linux - Complete Training Program from Scratch Lectures: 120 Video: 19 Hours Skill level: All level Languages: English Course Description ========== Kali Linux is specifically tailored to the needs of penetration testing professionals. Kali Linux is a Debian-based Linux distribution aimed at advanced Penetration Testing and Security Auditing. Kali contains several hundred tools aimed at various information security tasks, such as Penetration Testing, Forensics and Reverse Engineering. Kali Linux is developed, funded and maintained by Offensive Security. Kali Linux will prepare you to enter the world of professional hacking by ensuring that you are well versed with the skills needed and tools used to compromise the security of enterprise networks and information systems. It is no longer sufficient to merely rely on traditional security measures. In order to ensure the security of critical information assets, it is essential to become familiar with the strategies, tactics, and techniques that are used by actual hackers who seek to compromise your network. What are the requirements? Basic understanding of Linux A PC with internet TCP/IP will be helpful What am I going to get from this course? Over 120 lectures and 18 hours of content! Learn Kali Linux in details starting from scratch Analyze Cross-Site Request Forgery attacks to defend your system against them Safeguard user credentials by figuring out how Bruteforcing works Many advanced techniques are addressed What is the target audience? Anybody interested in information security, penetration testing or ethical hacking Web Developers Linux users IT Professionals ICQ:653580170 jabber: Kali Linux,Kali Linux Training,kali linux tutorial,how to use kali linux,kali linux complete hacking tutorial,kali linux free tutorial,kali linux course,penetration testing training with kali linux,kali linux guide,penetration testing with kali linux training course,