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  1. Thanks, Im having lots of trouble atm, hope to reinstall with one of these that dont throw a low memory error.
  2. Thanks for this upload, mine seems to keep crashing for some reason
  3. Thanks for this always looking for new things to try.
  4. Thanks for this, always learning!
  5. This is the best forum i have been on, very friendly and incredibly gifted members. As soon as I can find my recovery seed, I will send some over to extend my sub.
  6. That's a really compelling argument for tit's.....I came here convinced Ass..Maybe I need a rethink
  7. Many thanks, I will give this a try.
  8. Hi everyone, glad to be here, hope to learn a lot and contribute too. Looks like a fine place with lots of friendly folk! I look forward to spending time here.