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  1. This checker is coded in python and captures the accounts in a .txt file. After extracting the zip, copy the combos to be checked in the combo .txt provided in the zip and that's it. If you get any HITS, it would be saved in Funimation Accounts .txt file. Download link:- Virustotal link:- https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/5034310ea0ca7dcf169704ad81cc5ed2cb8c5353c16bbfc7887fd8fa37cc0cb2/detection
  2. I have gotten hold of Vertex by Buddah, but the hashes seems ugly. Wanna have a check?
  3. Winamp & Musicmatch Jukebox
  4. @rainenytesxxx Make use of the Hide button while posting accounts.
  5. The prank website with no holds barred is the talk of the town these days in the genre of prank videos. I came across this link that leads to a website where we get to download all the prank videos, totally uncensored, which are up for the grabs. Here's the link:-
  6. Hi @gizmo69 You can refer to the following link if you're interested with the intent of subscribing to one:- Just click on reveal hidden contents and you would get a clue.
  7. ROPE In honor of our Red Ropes
  8. Apex Lets make it tougher
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  10. Category: Porn (Transgender) Combo: User Combo Proxy: No Bots: 5 Proof: Config: Note: This is my maiden LGBT config that I have made to revive this section which @Bonez talked about whilst me and @xcyclonix were having a chat on posting configs of this genre.
  11. Xfinity x1 [Valid Till Feb 2019]
  12. How To Chat With a Blocked Person in Whatsapp (100% Working Trick) 💠