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  1. thanks you for sharing. hope its up2date //Edit: no..dead config...
  2. hope its still woring, thank you for the post
  3. THank you for the updated settings, i take a look at it
  4. looks sweet, thanks for sharing it //Edit: 113 MB for a proxy checker? oof..ok...
  5. vProxy v1.4 Simple and clean Proxy Suite that offers you everything you need for getting fresh proxies. It’s written in .NET 4.5 and is meant to be as simple as can be. Credits to Yani & Nikola Tesla. Features: Scanner & Scraper Built-in library system Fast and accurate Very easy to use GUI Multi-threaded HTTP Filter (Transparent/Anonymous/Elite) Latency report Built upon the .NET 4.5 Framework Comes with 500+ proxy scraping sources  DOWNLOAD: 11 Mirrors inside Virustotal: First check was 2017 and had 0/54 detected. After i rechecked more (i guess false positive) popped up. (If you are unsure use it inside sandboxie!) https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/b0bd6c958f2aad3b4507ac77f068ab9454e00f263e1941ce16ddf839a0b1b821/community
  6. just checking if its online.. //Edit: by date of post its ONLINE
  7. Thank you for sharing this //Edit: Its...its a youtube video.. Downloaded from mega..33 engines detected this file
  8. Everything there looks like its a scam. What i can see from my first 10 seconds after visit: 1. Stockimages from Themeforrest 2. No Company Info 3. Fake Socialmedia Buttons After 3 seconds in google i found out there are two sites: O.itlinker.net and U.itlinker.net Here reviews by a antiscam blog: hxxps://wisdomganga.com/what-is-itlinker-net-is-itlinker-net-scam-or-is-itlinker-net-legit-itlinker-net-review/ hxxps://wisdomganga.com/o-itlinker-net-review-o-itlinker-net-scam-or-legit/ Quote: There are no sites that gives you free Bitcoin by clicking a reflink...
  9. I probably know about this ... but i take a look first, thanks //Edit: yeah, thanks wont use it.
  10. this title...ok lemme see, thanks //Edit: Its dead jim
  11. hmm lets see what this is about. thx //Edit: Download speed: 1 Mbit/s Unlimited traffic Duration: 30 days 2700+ days binary retention decide yourself..
  12. Thats a must have, thnaks for uploading
  13. RoyDJ tools are pretty cool thanks for sharing