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  1. My favorite Sherlock is back! giphy.gif

    Glad to see you @BaBaBlAcK

  2. @Foxmind @Elite82 thanks for your reports, config fixed
  3. Version - OB 1.2.2 #694 Combo type - mail:pass Blocks amount - 16 Proxies - yes Suggested bots - 200
  4. @bawz you're a real Man with big Heart!
  5. Version - OB 1.2.2 #683 Combo type - user:pass Blocks amount - 4 Proxies - yes Suggested bots - 70 Capture - balance
  6. Version - OB 1.2.1 #657 Combo type - mail:pass Blocks amount - 12 Proxies - yes Suggested bots - 70 Capture - Subscription and Expiration date
  7. If someone of the owners / admins joined, write me a PM here, I give admin rights
  8. I hope that you are all alive, healthy and optimistic! I noticed that the Telegram messenger has been gaining popularity in the cracking community recently. Many crackers create own accounts and channels there to promote their brand. That's why I created a channel and a chat group in Telegram for our forum. Subscribe! NTG Telegram Channel: https://t.me/nethingoez_channel NTG Telegram Chat: https://t.me/nethingoez_chat Also, to promote Twitter and Telegram, I decided to pay attention to the free sector, which you will soon see. In addition, I want to develop the IPTV section on the forum in the near future. I don't know what will happen, because I've never been involved in this field of cracking, but I want to try, because for some reason almost no one here does it. I think it will be interesting. That's it.
  9. Version - OB 1.2.2 #694 Combo type - mail:pass / user:pass Blocks amount - 6 Proxies - yes Suggested bots - 70
  10. Hello everyone! I created a new Twitter channel for the NTG forum, where I plan to cover all the most profitable events from the site's life. The channel will be both informative and entertaining, and I will try to make it as interesting as possible. Subscribe! https://twitter.com/NTGForum If I will be banned, you must know, it's for direct link, because I'm sexy asshole! P. S. I want to thank @Ignition for the amazing graphic design!