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  1. Cracking For Begginers v3

    thanks buddy.
  2. For real? Does it really work as it advertises?
  3. my photography shitz

    Cool, good work!
  4. Sentry MBA 1.4.1 [Stable Version]

    great share, thanks, buddy @KraL
  5. Old Tosses ?

    op? who is OP? One Piece?
  6. Redrope Filehost Poll Part 2

    why do people love nitroflare so much?? I just didn't get it~~ it not like there's bunch contents to fetch from that host, or does it?
  7. soy español

    Though I love Spanish culture, women, and all that. But this is English forum, so please speak English so everyone can understand. A Little Courtesy will get you a long way. PS: I do wish you get ban because you are obvious a leecher, None of your post that I can see even a slightly sign of sincerity. If you just post the topic so you can see our pass our work, I just want to said FUCK OFF!!
  8. Nvidia or AMD

    well said!
  9. [media] http://1.sendvid.com/9if22yep.mp4 [/media]
  10. Thank you for all the resources that you had been sharing, NTG is lucky to have you!

  11. 500GB Video Lesson Programming

    or click "save to my drive" button, of which it will automatically save the whole folder to your Google Drive
  12. 500GB Video Lesson Programming

    Thank you Senbai! who is محمد بامحفوظ btw?
  13. sentry mba Netflix.com (API)

    come from Bonez's tutor thread