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  1. Thank you for your awesome contributions @Sangha You are the hardest working admin on NTG imo :happy:

    1. Sangha


      @Bonez Many thanks :)

  2. You're my heart, you're my soul I'll keep it shining everywhere I go,

    I'll be holding you forever Stay with you together :ween2:

  3. you're my soul,you're my love :pug:

  4. :gayy: much loves sangha

  5. hello pls refund or replace acc for me because it died after few days

  6. hello? can u refund me because your account stopped working after few days?i sent pm for u many times but u ignored me

  7. Sangha

    Curious about your post What is it for?
  8. Here is my Storm config with full capture.
  9. It is doable in Sentry with full capture. I need only 14 variables.
  10. thank you very much for sharing
  11. have u got my msg ?

  12. please password of


  13. hello please password of