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  1. thanks let me see if still alive
  2. let me check it mine is broken or something
  3. How to extract any useful information from a web page? Porn or not.
  4. Hello guys just to let you know that the post was edited
  5. Hello guys i just want to share with you, the way I do make my plain passfiles with hashcat. Is faster and clean This use your potfile to search the cracked ones and make the final passfile Site example: "canabisforum" 500 lines to make it quickly Format: Email - user:hash:salt This way i have the user pass email in the same file, then if is need i just parse it completly_retarded@hotmail.com - friendwithweed:73942b071a8d0efc8dcbab2fca9f0af3:\"Y, Just need to edit it and save it as .bat file, run it and wait Edit: For better and faster results use the hashcat-3.30 version because i do not know why with the newest take more time.