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  1. th3z1r0

    SQLi Dumper v8.3

    thanks bro i have the old version
  2. th3z1r0

    sentry mba

    let me try this config bro thanks
  3. th3z1r0

    AIOHNB tool v 2.7.8 [Full version]

    let me see if i can parse some text with this
  4. th3z1r0

    Marveliptv 9X Live Streams ,VOD & 24/7

    thanks man let me have a look
  5. th3z1r0

    Custom Proxy Scraper ( Found it )

    let me have a look thanks man
  6. th3z1r0

    Extract useful info from a web

    How to extract any useful information from a web page? Porn or not.
  7. th3z1r0

    Cracking For Beginners v2

    The hostings are deleting the images all the time so here the local tut Enjoy
  8. th3z1r0

    Plain Passfile with hashcat

    Hello guys just to let you know that the post was edited
  9. th3z1r0

    Plain Passfile with hashcat

    Hello guys i just want to share with you, the way I do make my plain passfiles with hashcat. Is faster and clean This use your potfile to search the cracked ones and make the final passfile Site example: "canabisforum" 500 lines to make it quickly Format: Email - user:hash:salt This way i have the user pass email in the same file, then if is need i just parse it - friendwithweed:73942b071a8d0efc8dcbab2fca9f0af3:\"Y, Just need to edit it and save it as .bat file, run it and wait Edit: For better and faster results use the hashcat-3.30 version because i do not know why with the newest take more time.
  10. th3z1r0

    sentry mba proxyless ZENMATE.COM (API & FULL CAPTURE)

    let me compare with my config thanks
  11. th3z1r0

    Let'sBruteIT Cracker [ no Login needed]

    let have a look thanks
  12. th3z1r0

    SNIPR v2.2.5.3

    this tool looks very nice and just what i need now "i think" haha thanks
  13. th3z1r0

    Hi, h4shcr4ck is here.