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  1. Uplay Premium x5

    all my uplay seem to be dead thanks . . didnt work for me at all :\
  2. ETH is a joke

    sooo lets get some updates what to do not >.>
  3. public chat has become cancer I now sit in my private profile just making little blurbs to myself until . . until freedom 

  4. sentry mba chaturbate.com+full cap

    well look at who the creator of this config is if it isn't my old ally
  5. welp least i know i only fuck with a few people now to many fake bitches roaming around 

  6. Pump and Dump Group Discord Invite

    shit nigga you know im there
  7. my bad bro didn't mean to disrespect your contribution like that repped and thanks 

  8. looking good bud ;) 

    1. Pique


      thanks bro missed ya

  9. Oh shit I forget uncletom . . I feel like if I don't say his name he'll say some shit like "what about me" lmaoaoao uncletom is a special guy 

  10. I'm gonna be away awhile until I come back as a full fledged cracker or better. . the next time I post i'll be way better  i love you guys Pique,lol,john wick, noregrets . .  


    when I come back I'll be posting combos and selling configs lmao :laughing: 

  11. Lol I think the profile picture kind of fits with the rule-breaker title :bonez:

    1. Pique


      Damn, you're such a great rule breaker :x

    2. kevinsheeks


      i'll be back soon im gonna learn all this shit and show off when i return lol 

    3. Pique


      Dont fOrget me