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Found 42 results

  1. banned YOUNESSE Banned

    I have banned him due to all his posts being spam related http://prntscr.com/duj4yk I will also be pruning all his posts to show nill
  2. banned DJBoutit Banned

    I took the liberty of banning this jack ass after I spent a lot of time trying to rescue his account for him to inly come to the shoutbox and start talking shit
  3. banned dave123

    Spamming like an r tard
  4. All banned for multiple accounts.
  5. banned ghhghghghgg

    Spamming like an r tard
  6. banned mody2000

    Spamming like an r tard
  7. banned greencat

    Spammed on a shit ton of configs, dude went hard
  8. banned dhdjjfjffj

    Spamming like an r tard
  9. banned Hasan70

    Spamming like an r tard
  10. banned eno

    Received a number of warnings for spamming and didn't stop, banned.
  11. banned hdghdhhs

    Spamming like an r tard
  12. banned sggsgsgssgsggsgs

    Spamming like an r tard
  13. banned ImNotU

    Banned for spamming random threads
  14. banned vn5socks.net

    Account banned for being compromised, I believe. This thread will be removed once he is unbanned for being proven innocent.
  15. banned zaytung

    Banned for a fake email and not changing after being informed
  16. Putridity's alt banned for multiple accounts.
  17. banned hjudjrd6yd

    Spamming with pointless replies like "dfsffffffffffff"
  18. banned ghghhgghghhggh

    Spamming threads with pointless replies like "gggfffffffgggggggggg"
  19. banned hjdjffjddjdj

    An idiot spamming content like all of em
  20. banned JuNaiD

    Banned permanently for leeching a shit ton of content, cross posting, stealing, selling etc.
  21. banned flashxml

    False RR Applications and false PayPal claims
  22. banned nethingoezs

    Spamming ShoutBox with a random ass cracking site. Also his other accounts he made are banned (cannot find what they were called)
  23. Banned permanently for multiple accounts
  24. Banned permanently for multiple accounts
  25. Banned permanently for multiple accounts.