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Found 71 results

  1. site : bots:5-10 combo:user-pass proxy:yes proof : Enjoy the share guys
  2. Normal combo Proxies = ssl bots = 20-30
  3. Combo : User/Email Combo Proxy : Yes Bots : 50 Info Captured : Free (add on Config) and Premium
  4. Combo Type: Normal&Email Combo Proxy:Yes Bots:100max Capture : Status,Email Proof.
  5. Combo Type: Normal Combo Proxy:Yes Bots: 5o-70 Capture : Balance,Traffic,Email Proof.
  6. use:normal combo proxy:yes bots:60-80 max ,ban fast. capture:yes,will add expire date after capture one. proof
  7. Combo Type :Normal Combo Proxy:No Bots Recommended :3Max Capture :Yes Proof.
  8. Combo: email & pass Bots: Recommended 50 to 100 Capture : Premium & Free Proxy : Yes Here is Capture Proof
  9. Combo Type:Normal Combo Proxy: Yes Bots: 60-80 Capture: Yes Additional Info: Use Good Proxies Proof.
  10. Combo: Email /User Combo Proxy: Yes Bots: 50-100
  11. Bots:5-10 combo:user-pass proxy:yes enjoy the profile guys dont forget to rep me up..
  12. Combo Type: Normal Combo Proxy: Yes Bots: 6o-8o Capture:Yes Additional Info: Use good proxy. Proof
  13. Combo : Normal Combo Proxy : Yes Bots : 70-100 Captured : Free/Premium Special Thanks to : Menda
  14. Combo: user & pass Bots: 50 Capture : Premium & Free Proxy : Yes Here is Capture Proof
  15. Combo Type - User - Pass Combos Proxy - Yes Bots Recommended - 40-70 Additional Info: Captures Email, balance and Expiry Date This config was last tested on 11-01-2016 Note : - This config is not made by me, I have it from Ntg. All Credits Goes to Original Creator
  16. login : bots:5-10 combo:user-pass proxy:yes Enjoy guys and do rep me up
  17. site: bots:5-10 proxy:yes combo:user-pass Capture common valid or not valid accounts Enjoy the config guys here is the proof :
  18. bots:5-10 combo:user-pass proxy:yes
  19. Combo: user & pass Bots: Recommended 50 to 250 Capture : Premium & Free Proxy : Yes Here is Capture Proof Feel Any Difficulty Just PM me
  20. You can follow this template CONFIG INFO: Category: TV, Entertainment (WWE, Sport, Streaming, Wrestling, Entertainment) Combo: Email Combo Proxy: Yes HTTPS (Use SSL & L1 Only) Bots: 20-40 Additional Info: Will capture subscription & next billing date if applicable. Proof: Config: Example Password: NTG.rar EDIT ADDED: By Modemizer - Config Moderator These instructions are listed in great detail. If you have any problems understanding them please ask a Moderator for help. With that said as Config Moderator for all sections I'm finding way too many posts that don't follow these Posting Guidelines. It's not my job to decide if a post is good enough for keeping in rotation. Some have screenshot missing. Many have Config Info missing. Some claim proxyless while the settings are of proxy. It's not my job to make changes, it's to trash what doesn't follow instructions. We are not desperate for configs. Most are working, so we are not going to put up with lack of following rules in this section. Plus those who don't follow the rules tend to be the ones that are lazy leechers copying from other forums with lesser guidelines. Cleaning up this section is gonna make it easier for everyone using the configs or checking.