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Found 32 results

  1. Cyber Bot-Worm V1.0.4 cyber bot simple for ddos attack and diffrent kind stealing ========== Run File from URL Run File From Disk Ddos Attack Process Live Cmd Live Delete Bot Create open port in ur router create no ip account install no duc client crypt ur file and spread it ICQ:653580170 jabber:
  2. Lime-Worm-0.5.8D very good simple worm for ransom and stealing ========== Ransomware Remote Desktop System Info Password Stealing Run file from url RUn file from Desktop PC Control PC shutdown and restart Worm option ICQ:653580170 jabber:
  3. GalaxyWorkstation GalaxyWorkstation Cracked is very advance remote administration with advance and greatest features ========== info manager client map Remote Desktop Remote open windows Remote Webcam Remote audio Remote Keylogger Password Recovery Remote File Manager Remote Registry Remote Shell Remote Message Box Remote Funny Remote Chat Remote Script Remote Visit Website Download and Execute Remote Startup programme Remote PC Power ICQ:653580170 jabber: GalaxyWorkstation,GalaxyWorkstation RAT,GalaxyWorkstation RAT cracked,how to config rat,how to create rat virus
  4. Denial of Service [DOS] Mega Pack a huge pack of ddos attacking tools for any kind of attack and crash ========== Bangla_Dos - Bangladesh DoS Attack Engine BBHH-Ultra DoS Black's Booter ByteDOS_v3.2 CPU Death Ping 2.0 FINAL Dos Attacker Alpha 1.1 Dos_HTTP_2.0 Externals UDP Flood Pack HC DOSER HttpDosTool iDisconnect Jays Booter v6.0 LF Shell Booter NetWeave DDoseR Perl Dos Client By Arron XR pyloris-3.2 Pings & WinNukes UDP Unicorn Unknown DoSer xDDoser XoneDos Yamultur 2.0 Packer ~FuCk It!~ DOS 360Booter+GBooter XBL Ac1d-She11s AmusBoot AnonStresser {v1} Cracked Version Anony Gladiators Anonymous DoSer Anonymous External Attack V2 Anonymous External Attack Anonymous Ping Attack Assassin DoS 2.0.3 BFF DoS BioZombie 1.5 BioZombie BkD Service - Shell Booter Black_Out_v1.0 BTI External Attacker Dark DDoser [5.6][Crack 2] DarkDDoser DarkDoSer Serial Grabber DDoS Attack_Standard ddos em [Web Booter Tribute] DDoSeR 3.0 Double DDoS DrBlowFish's_DoS Eternals Booter v1.2 Cracked By Anonymous_protected Exploit Attacker v1.1 ExposedSYS Stresser Faster DDoS Attack FireFlood FloristBooter 3.3 GhostDoS Good Bye v5.2 Hoic Host Booter ID_DOS by Anon!M ID iGirls_DDoS_Tool Infamous Stresser 2.0 Inside_attack_v2.0 ip killer IPKILLER 2 IRAN DoS Irish's Shell Booter v1 JavaLOIC Jays_Booter_v5.9 LogicalDoS LOIC LOIC2013 Longcat HTTP - UDP - SYN Flooder Metus - GB Edition MeTuS Delphi MeTuS NewLOIC Nuclear DDoSer OverDoS Phc Tools Pringle DDoS Public Strong RapidBooter rDos Runescape DDoS Tool S.E.A DoS Script Defenders LOIC Shockwave Booter v2.0 Snake + Bite Snow's Booter V1 TechDoS udpflood WarFlood Website_Crasher_v4.7 WicKds Booter v3.1 WinNuker XOIC xSploitBooter ICQ:653580170 jabber: ddos protection,ddos attack,ddos,ddos tool,ddos attacks today,ddos attack tools,ddos service,dyn ddos attack,dyn ddos,current ddos attacks,ddos server,ddos online,ddos website
  5. Spy max v2.0 - Android rat 2.0+Tutorial • NET framework 4.5 The program is compatible with the following Microsoft Windows systems • Windows 10 • Windows 8 • Windows 7 • Windows XP Patch compatible with Android systems • 9.0 / pie • 8.0 - Orio / oreo • 7.0 - Noga / nougat • 6.0 - Marshmallow • 5.0 - Loli Pop / lollipop FEATURES • Hide notifications (doze) • Connect applications, video, pictures ... • Advanced link • Change package name • Do not require Java in building Albach process • monitor the activity of the victim and other features ... improvements • have been repaired the problem of sudden Althennej • have been repaired sinned Almaekervon • have been repaired misplace the terminal • Improved program connection speed • Improved program interfaces • improve location accuracy and other improvements ... Clarification of some points 1. Click the right mouse button to select a color pack for the program 2. Arrange the columns Drag the column with the [Ctrl] key 3. Connect the web application [Games, Chat, Direct ... etc ]- or add a package name to an application that should be available on all phones 4. Save a picture from the camera Press the key and rotate the camera using the arrow keys 5. Three types of maps Have the first type Maps to display the congestion lines • (Navigation Night, Navigation Day) Type II 3D Maps • Moonlight Type 3 Maps in different colors • Dark, Decimal, Streets • Other features you will easily recognize, if you do not use the program by visiting this topic • Be sure to close any Anti-Virus on your computer or exception folder software • Version updated for compatibility with 32bit, 64bit • All the problems have been fixed. • All the problems mentioned in this issue have been fixed . • Perhaps the last version is very expensive unless you see a stimulus that will continue to be developed if you do not see any stimulation would be better not developed to clarify some points ICQ:653580170 jabber: android rat,spymax android rat,spynote android rat,free android rat,how to hack android,how to hack smart phone
  6. Black Windows 10 V2 Black Windows 10 V2 Black Window 10 Enterprise is the first windows based penetration testing distribution with Linux integrated ! The system comes activated with a digital license for Windows enterprise! It supports windows apps and Linux apps, GUI and terminal apps! It comes with a tone off hacking tools plus all the tools that are included with the latest release of Cerberus Linux! It has managed to implement Cerberus os within windows. Offers the stability of a windows system and it offers the hacking part with a Cerberus Linux system! You can run both and it just ========== Linux: All tools from Cerberus os! 15 new Cerberus Frameworks : Metapackages , containers with custom scripts within! Exploits (to analyze): EARLYSHOVEL RedHat 7.0 – 7.1 Sendmail 8.11.x exploit EBBISLAND (EBBSHAVE) root RCE via RPC XDR overflow in Solaris 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 (possibly newer) both SPARC and x86. ECHOWRECKER remote Samba 3.0.x Linux exploit. EASYBEE appears to be an MDaemon email server vulnerability EASYFUN EasyFun 2.2.0 Exploit for WDaemon / IIS MDaemon/WorldClient pre 9.5.6 EASYPI is an IBM Lotus Notes exploit that gets detected as Stuxnet EWOKFRENZY is an exploit for IBM Lotus Domino 6.5.4 & 7.0.2 EXPLODINGCAN is an IIS 6.0 exploit that creates a remote backdoor ETERNALROMANCE is a SMB1 exploit over TCP port 445 which targets XP, 2003, Vista, 7, Windows 8, 2008, 2008 R2, and gives SYSTEM privileges (MS17-010) EDUCATEDSCHOLAR is a SMB exploit (MS09-050) EMERALDTHREAD is a SMB exploit for Windows XP and Server 2003 (MS10-061) EMPHASISMINE is a remote IMAP exploit for IBM Lotus Domino 6.6.4 to 8.5.2 ENGLISHMANSDENTIST sets Outlook Exchange WebAccess rules to trigger executable code on the client’s side to send an email to other users EPICHERO 0-day exploit (RCE) for Avaya Call Server ERRATICGOPHER is a SMBv1 exploit targeting Windows XP and Server 2003 ETERNALSYNERGY is a SMBv3 remote code execution flaw for Windows 8 and Server 2012 SP0 (MS17-010) ETERNALBLUE is a SMBv2 exploit for Windows 7 SP1 (MS17-010) ETERNALCHAMPION is a SMBv1 exploit ESKIMOROLL is a Kerberos exploit targeting 2000, 2003, 2008 and 2008 R2 domain controllers ESTEEMAUDIT is an RDP exploit and backdoor for Windows Server 2003 ECLIPSEDWING is an RCE exploit for the Server service in Windows Server 2008 and later (MS08-067) ETRE is an exploit for IMail 8.10 to 8.22 ETCETERABLUE is an exploit for IMail 7.04 to 8.05 FUZZBUNCH is an exploit framework, similar to MetaSploit ODDJOB is an implant builder and C&C server that can deliver exploits for Windows 2000 and later, also not detected by any AV vendors EXPIREDPAYCHECK IIS6 exploit EAGERLEVER NBT/SMB exploit for Windows NT4.0, 2000, XP SP1 & SP2, 2003 SP1 & Base Release EASYFUN WordClient / IIS6.0 exploit ESSAYKEYNOTE EVADEFRED Utilities: PASSFREELY utility which “Bypasses authentication for Oracle servers” SMBTOUCH check if the target is vulnerable to samba exploits like ETERNALSYNERGY, ETERNALBLUE, ETERNALROMANCE ERRATICGOPHERTOUCH Check if the target is running some RPC IISTOUCH check if the running IIS version is vulnerable RPCOUTCH get info about windows via RPC DOPU used to connect to machines exploited by ETERNALCHAMPIONS NAMEDPIPETOUCH Utility to test for a predefined list of named pipes, mostly AV detection. User can add checks for custom named pipes. Scripts Arsenal and Wine Arsenal: 3vilTwinAttacker 911ar a2sv adminfinder AdminPage ADSLPT-WPA wifi-breaker aircracktest airfree-wt airgeddon Airlin airmode Airodump_Scan_Visualizer airport-sniffer airssl airstorm Airvengers agryfuzzer anonsurf anon-manager anonymizer anon-surf-start anon-surf-stop apfucker apk-payload-generator apt2 ARCANUS armitage asleap atscan autoDANE autohsgui automater AutoNessus autopixie auto-reaver autorelay avet backdoor-apk backdoorme backdoorppt BAF Base64ImageEncoder-Decoder BatchVirusGenerator Batch-Virus-Generator belkin4xx belkin-wpspin BinGoo BlackFilePumper BlindSqli BoopSuite Brutal BruteSploit brutespray BruteX BrutusV4.7 BTIHTMLEncoder-Decoder BTIMultiSiteChecker BTIReverseIPDomainCheck bully cangibrina kerbnmap Cewl anon-change-identity CHAOS chap2asleap chapcrack Chap-Crack CloudFail CloudFlareResolver CMSmap cobaltstrike cowpatty CpanelBruteReiluke crackle crackle CrackTheCAP probewpacracker credmap criptator crowbar crunch csrfpocmaker CVE-2017-0199 CVE-2017-7494 cybersac Dagon dedsploit DefacePageCreated dkmc dlinkdecrypter domainhunter DorkFinder Dorktools dotdotpwn doublepulsar-detection d-tect eapmd5hcgen EaST Ebowla EggShell ejacoolas erratasec Eternalblue-Doublepulsar-Metasploit escan EternalsExtensionSpoofer EvilAPDefender evil-droid ExploitOnCLI exploitpack exploits ExploitScanner Extension_Spoofer ezDataBase_Defacer ezsploit F.Society Fakear fakeAP FakeAp2 FakeImageExploiter fibercrunch Findsploit fipy firefox-ram gufw anonsurf fluxion gcat generadorDiccio genkeys genpmk Genpy getsploit GhostInTheNet Ghost-fisher gigawordlist Gloom-Framework Goohak hakkuframework Halcyon handshake-extractor HandShaker Hash-Buster hashcatgui hccap hellraiser HellWormsGenerator Her0xDa-Wps-Cracker HighLifeCrypter hostnamechanger hotspot_autologin HT-WPS-Breaker hydra-wizard Illusi0nCrypter Image+TextFileBinder ImageWorm InfamousTool Infoga Injectorist Insanity-Framework InstaBrute ipscan-win32-3_2 IpTool isf isthisipbad Jazztel-StopGo Joomla_Security_Scanner jsql-injection-v0_2_jar KatanaFramework killchain kimi koadic kwetza LALIN LegionEliteProxiesGrabber leviathan LFiExploiter LFiFreak LFISuite liffy LinDrop litesploit mac2wepkey macchanger MakeWordlistForBrute Maskgen MassBleed MassDorkScanner massExpConsole Matroschka MaXIsploit md5crack mergedict Meterpreter_Paranoid_Mode-SSL MITMf mitm-rogue-WiFi-AP MooreRPortScanner morpheus morphHTA mpc ms17 msfvenom_custom_encoding netattack2 netdiscover-0.3-pre-beta7 netool-toolkit netsec-framework NetZapper NoSQLMap nps_payload nsa NSA-exploits nsa-gui NXcrypt ONO_Netgear_WPA2_Hack operative-framework OSPTF OWASP-Nettacker p0iz0nProxyProcessor pandora-manager pastezort pasv-agrsv PAYLOAD-MAKER PenBox penetrator-wps penmode pentesting-multitool pentestly pentest-machine PiWAT pixiewps Policygen portSpider PowerScript-KatanaFramework Pr0xYGrabber PRET ProPort ProxyFinder PureNetworks Pybelt PyBozoCrack pydictor python_gdork_sqli python-hacklib pyxiewps_WPS pyxiewps_WPShack-Python Quack reaver reaver.rd reaver-spoof reaver-webui reaver-wps-fork-t6x-master ReconDog RED_HAWK reGeorg riwifshell Rt2rtc Rtc2rt Rtgen Rtsort Rulegen saint scanless scapy-deauth scythian SEF sgen ShadowBatchVirusGenMOD shellsploit shocker ShockLabsFileBinder shodanwave SigPloit SimpleBinder simple-ducky smap smod Sn1per SPF SpiderMail SQLExploitScanner SqliColCount SQLiDumper sqlihelperv_2_7 sqli-scanner sqlitebrowser sqliv sqliscan SQL-nightmare anon-i2p-start Stitch anon-i2p-stop String-generator Struts2Shell Sublist3r SuperMicro-Password-Scanner TeraBitClient The-Auto-Pentest fatrat theharvestergui TNscan torghost tor_ip_switcher toriptables2 TPLink-AttackDictionary tplmap trape TripleX-Crypter Trity tulpar TuxCut 417 U-Cracker Umbrella V3n0M Vanquish varmacreaversav9-93 varmacscan2-8 VBSVirusMaker Vbswg Veil-Ordnance venomdroid3 Virus-O-Matic viSQL VMR-MDK w3af waidps WarChild WeBaCoo webpwn Webscan weeman wePWNise Wi-fEye wifiarnet wifiarp wifi-autopwner wifi_check wifi-contour wificurse wifidns wifi-hacker wifi-harvester wifi-honey wifijammer wifi-linux-rssi wifimonster wifiphisher wifiping WifiScanAndMap wifitap wifite wifite2 wifite-mod-pixiewps Wifite_ng wifuzz wiki_wordlist_generator Winpayloads wireless-ids wireless-info Wireless-Sniffer wirespy wlanreaver wordlist50 word-list-compress Wordlists wordpress-exploit-framework WormGen WPA2-HalfHandshake-Crack wpa-autopwn wpa-bruteforcer wpaclean Wpspin wpa-extractor wpaforhashcat wperf wps-connect wpscrack wpsdb WPSIG wpspin WPSPIN Wpspingenerator wps_scanner wsuxploit wwcleaner XAttacker xerosploit xerxes-dos xpath xsscrapy XssPy XSSTracer XSStrike zarp ZeusCrypter zirikatu Extra Tools: DandenSpritz FuzzBunch More tools: acccheck ace-voip Amap Automater bing-ip2hosts braa CaseFile CDPSnarf cisco-torch Cookie Cadger copy-router-config DMitry dnmap dnsenum dnsmap DNSRecon dnstracer dnswalk DotDotPwn enum4linux enumIAX Faraday Fierce Firewalk fragroute fragrouter Ghost Phisher GoLismero goofile hping3 ident-user-enum InTrace iSMTP lbd Maltego Teeth masscan Metagoofil Miranda nbtscan-unixwiz Nmap ntop p0f Parsero Recon-ng SET smtp-user-enum snmp-check SPARTA sslcaudit SSLsplit sslstrip SSLyze THC-IPV6 theHarvester TLSSLed twofi URLCrazy Wireshark WOL-E Xplico Vulnerability Analysis BBQSQL BED cisco-auditing-tool cisco-global-exploiter cisco-ocs cisco-torch copy-router-config DBPwAudit Doona DotDotPwn HexorBase Inguma jSQL Lynis Nmap ohrwurm Oscanner Powerfuzzer sfuzz SidGuesser SIPArmyKnife sqlmap Sqlninja sqlsus THC-IPV6 tnscmd10g unix-privesc-check Yersinia Exploitation Tools Armitage Backdoor Factory BeEF cisco-auditing-tool cisco-global-exploiter cisco-ocs cisco-torch Commix crackle exploitdb jboss-autopwn Linux Exploit Suggester Maltego Teeth Metasploit Framework RouterSploit SET ShellNoob sqlmap THC-IPV6 Yersinia Wireless Attacks Aircrack-ng Asleap Bluelog BlueMaho Bluepot BlueRanger Bluesnarfer Bully coWPAtty crackle eapmd5pass Fern Wifi Cracker Ghost Phisher GISKismet Gqrx gr-scan hostapd-wpe kalibrate-rtl KillerBee Kismet mdk3 mfcuk mfoc mfterm Multimon-NG PixieWPS Reaver redfang RTLSDR Scanner Spooftooph Wifi Honey wifiphisher Wifitap Wifite Forensics Tools ICQ:653580170 jabber:
  7. Apolyse SMS Nuker a simple script which use smtp for sending sms u can crate any fake email or use ur smtp work mostly all over the worl ========== ICQ:653580170 jabber:
  8. Ladies & Gentlemen. I want to share with you a list of custom [SNIPR] configs contains 208 configs; most of them with capture. I've tried it personally with 4Shared.ini config on the latest cracked version "[SNIPR] v2.4.8.9". Post Script: "[SNIPR] v2.4.8.9" version uses *.ini* files, i have included the *.bat* file to rename all the configs extensions to this format. If you're using *.json* format, just edit the *.bat* file and reverse To Then run it to rename all the configs Note: Green configs are proxiless, while the Blue configs require proxies. Its a quick way to tell between the two different types of configs. the package is a 182.45 KB ZIP File uploaded on If you have problems accessing the website. I'll try to upload it elsewhere. Enjoy. disclaimer: i did not create these Configs, and i own no Copyright. The credit goes to the owners. [figure]: image to show the use of 4Shared.ini config Download Link: Please Rep/Like for more FairySubsTeam
  9. AndroRAT - AndroBinder+Tutorial AndroRat is RAT for smartphones on Android. Written in Java, the following functions are supported: Get a list of contacts and all information about them; Get call logs; Get all messages; Get the current location by GPS; Monitoring incoming messages in real time; Monitoring the status of the phone in real time (incoming calls, missed calls, etc.); Capture images from the camera; Streaming sound from a microphone (or from another source); Streaming video from the camera; Send an SMS message; Make a call; Open the URL in a standard browser; Make the phone vibrate. ICQ:653580170 jabber:
  10. WIFI PASSWORD PRO v5.6.0 (Unlocked) Wifi password pro generate a long random alphanumeric password to provide you a better security in your wifi network. ========== This app will not hack steal or retrieve wifi network password it's just a security tool to help you increase your security generating long random passwords that you have to set it manually to your wifi router. Features • The algorithm generate WEP WPA WPA2 with a high level of authentication. • Direct connection to wifi networks without password. • Order network list by proximity open sid mac security channel and frequency. • Multi search. Optimized for mobiles and tablets. Compatible with Android 6.0 and more. ICQ:653580170 jabber: how to hack wifi login,how to hack wifi password,how to hack wifi,wifi hacker,wifi password hacker,how to get wifi password,hack password wifi,wifi cracker,how to unlock wifi password,wifi password finder,hack wifi password android,how can i hack wifi password
  11. CEH V10 Certified Ethical Hacker v10 Lab Tools ========== Lab Tools for CEH v10: <h1>how to download</h1> CEHv10 – Lab Prerequisites CEHv10 Module – Footprinting and Reconnaissance CEHv10 Module – Scanning Networks CEHv10 Module – Enumeration [banner_200x200] {banner_200x200} [/banner_200x200] CEHv10 Module – Vulnerability Analysis CEHv10 Module – System Hacking CEHv10 Module – Malware Threats CEHv10 Module – Sniffing CEHv10 Module – Social Engineering CEHv10 Module – Denial-of-Service CEHv10 Module – Session Hijacking CEHv10 Module – Evading IDS, Firewalls, and Honeypots CEHv10 Module – Hacking Web Servers CEHv10 Module – Hacking Web Applications CEHv10 Module – SQL Injection [banner_200x200] {banner_200x200} [/banner_200x200] CEHv10 Module – Hacking Wireless Networks CEHv10 Module – Hacking Mobile Platforms CEHv10 Module – Cloud Computing CEHv10 Module – Cryptography ICQ:653580170 jabber: ceh v10,ethical hacking certification,ceh,ethical hacking course,ceh certification,ceh training,ceh exam,hacking course,ec council,ethical hacking training,certified ethical hacker training,ceh certification cost,certified ethical hacker exam
  12. Fake SMS Bomber|SMS Blaster|Fake SMS Sender ========== This Software Can Send 12 Thousand Messages For 10 Minutes Size: 7MB This Program Requires Python. Without Python, The Program Will Not Spam To The Number Of Your Friend Or Enemy. In The Program, The Maximum Value Of The Stream Is From 1 To 100 This program Will Flood Your Friend In 10 Minutes With More Than 12 Thousand Messages. ICQ:653580170 jabber:
  13. Botnet Collection Pack its huge collection of botnet for free ========== µBot Aldi v2 Andromeda v2.06 Ann Loader Brainbot Cythosia DirtJumper V3 Elite Loader 3.0 Gaudox HerpesNet Kbot Builder Pandora Pony 1.9 SmokeBot Cracked Strike ufonet-v0.5b Umbra + loader VertexNet VertexNetv1.2.1 vnLoader vOlk 4 Warbot YZF Zemra Zeus Botnet ICQ:653580170 jabber: Botnet,virus,trojan,stealr,keylogger,spyware,how to hack computer,how to hack mobile,
  14. GalaxyWorkstation Cracked is very advance remote administration with advance and greatest features ========== info manager client map Remote Desktop Remote open windows Remote Webcam Remote audio Remote Keylogger Password Recovery Remote File Manager Remote Registry Remote Shell Remote Message Box Remote Funny Remote Chat Remote Script Remote Visit Website Download and Execute Remote Startup programme Remote PC Power ICQ:653580170 jabber: GalaxyWorkstation Cracked,GalaxyWorkstation ,GalaxyWorkstation Rat,GalaxyWorkstation Cracked,GalaxyWorkstation RAT Cracked.GalaxyWorkstation Cracked RAT
  15. Lordix botnet Cracked+Tutorial ========== 1. Full information on victim's PC screen with information 2. Every n minutes the bot makes a screenshot of the user's screen and sends it to the panel (the time from the knock can be selected in 3.loading and starting (to disk) 4. Update client on PC and invisible) 6. Zack 7.Command execution 8. Uploading a file to the server 9. Http ddos (beta) 11.Targeting by system Miner module: 12.Minin on the PC user profile 13.PP config process or window (panel setting) 15. hashrate display Stiller module: cookies and passes from browsers files' floor (in folders and subfolders extension can be configured in the panel) sticks in the panel Clipper module: benefits in the text fertilizer into the panel wallets can be configured from the panel in 3 independent branches , if only to remove the most be with another USb auto The bot will not work! 22.zae. ead there are no drops, all work happens 1 file 4.0 Virtual machine protection Spoiler: List - VirtualBox - VMWare - Anubis - OllyDBG - Sandboxie - Mawr - Procexp - Wine. - apateDNS - Wireshark ICQ:653580170 jabber: Lordix botnet Cracked,Lordix botnet free download,how to config Lordix botnet Cracked,how to config Lordix botnet,lordix botnet,lordix botnet cracked,free download Lordix botnet Cracked,
  16. SpyNote 6.4 Cracked +Tutorial Spy Note is a free advanced Remote Administration Tool targeted for Android systems. It’s server is written in Java, and the client controller is written in Visual Basic .NET. After installation on an Android device, Spy Note will automatically remove it’s on-screen icon from the victim’s device. ========== Features: Bind your server APK with any other Game or App Install any APK and update server Explore Files with full access Copy files from device to computer Read/Write Messages Make a call, record a call and browse call logs Read/Write contacts list Capture photos and videos via camera Listen live conversation through mic, record mic sound live Check browser history Get GPS Location Check installed apps Get phone’s information (IMEI, WiFi MAC, PHONE CARRIER) Fun Panel (Show messages, shake the phone etc) No dependencies, and fully compatible with any Android Version No root access required And more… Tools: Record calls Listen on Microphone live Installed Applications Device Information Address Book WiFi List Read SMS messages Global Positioning System (GPS) Remote Commands File Manager Camera Fun Panel Listen to phone surroundings Clipboard Send SMS Remote Keyboard Browser Process Manager Download Manager Control notifications Background screen Call Recording Accounts Services and more… ICQ:653580170 jabber: spynote cracked,spynote 6.4 cracked,spynote hacking android phone,how to hack smart phone,free android phone hacking,
  17. SMTP Checker|Mail pass Checker|Email password Checker ========== Functionality: - Multithreading - Support socks4 / 5 - Eats bases (autodetection) with two separators: and; - At the output, the host: port: login: password - Easy config, Add the COI you need yourself - The function of adding additional passwords: What does this mean? - You can download additional. the list of passes, the authorization by which will be checked after authorization by a password from the email: pass. ICQ:653580170 jabber: smtp scanner,smtp checker,email pass checker,email password checker,how to check email pass,email validation tool
  18. Orcus 1.9 Official Stable Release – AntiTakedown (Multilingual) OrcusTechnologies discontinued the Orcus Remote Administrator project on 05 Janurary 2019, development will no longer continue. ========== Features Keylogger Screengrabs Remote code execution Webcam monitor Disable webcam light Microphone recorder Remote administration Password stealers Denial of Service VM Detection InfoStealer HVNC Reverse Proxy Registry explorer/editor Real Time Scripting Advanced Plugin System ICQ:653580170 jabber: Orcus 1.9 Official Stable Release,Orcus 1.9 Official Stable Release cracked,Orcus 1.9 cracked,Orcus rat free download,free download Orcus 1.9 Official Stable Release,free download Orcus cracked
  19. Lead Grabber PRO its very simple cracked email extractor ========== its very simple cracked email extractor you Can extract email from any website you can extract email from keyword search via google engine msn and bing u can extract any specific server email like yahoo gmail bing or other network Download it Extract it with win rar after extract run it for security reason use rdp ,vmware work station or sandboxie in case if u think its suspicious file ICQ:653580170 jabber: email collector,email extractor online,email scraper,free email extractor,mail extractor,extractor email,email extractor from website,best email extractor,free online email extractor,
  20. Keylogger Pack a huge collection of keylogger for all purpose ========== Aux Logger v3.0.0.0 Monitor Hooker Perfect Keylogger PoisonLogger UltimateLogger Anonymous Keylogger Digital_Keylogger_v3.3 Dracula Logger Project Neptune v2.0 RapZo Logger v 1.5 ( Public Edition ) RinLogger Silent Keylogger v1.6 Public Syslogger UltimateLogger Vulcan Logger ICQ:653580170 jabber: keylogger,free keylogger,free download keyloggers,
  21. I urge everyone to change password ASAP: DO IT FOR YOUR OWN ACCOUNT SECURITY AS WELL AS FOR THE SITES SECURITY @The Owner @Teh Owner
  22. Can post tools........ if any of you have downloaded blackbullet from NTG, looks like someone posted a dirty copy....fuckers Clean your computer and change your pass
  23. You're my heart, you're my soul I'll keep it shining everywhere I go,

    I'll be holding you forever Stay with you together :ween2:

  24. Hello All, NTG is turning over a new tide and we are currently seeking ACTIVE uploaders of digital media. ONLY FILE HOST TO BE USED: Content being seeked Gay Lesbian Transgender JAV Taboo ______________________________________________ NTG will NOT tolerate any porn of the following, we will report your ass to the authorities and your mom NOT ALLOWED CHILD, PET MUTILATION, SCAT, SNUFF, PSEUDO SNUFF, ANYTHING THAT OUR STAFF MAY WANNA PUNCH YOU IN THE FUCKING FACE FOR POSTING... Please apply below, your filejoker compensation is yours to keep... Dedicated uploaders are a commodity we once had and we would like to have this again, as of right now the only host allowed is mentioned, any other uploads will be promptly deleted, we prefer you have your items passlocked. An example follows
  25. To those of you who are curious as to the contents of Redrope or ShadyBastards, NTG Admins, the ones in purple are authorized to give you a 5 minute preview, please do NOT waste their times, they are doing this voluntarily and are prone to getting pissed off, also don't think you can get in and leech the place out, they can view all your activity on the site and I doubt you want to piss any of them off. If you are truly interested leave a polite request here and they will get to you in an orderly fashion. Example Hello, I am interested in purchasing RR or SB, IT HAS TO BE ONE OR THE OTHER, NOT RR AND THEN SB, please allow me 5 minutes to preview. Thanks Do not bitch and complain that you did not get enough a chance to look, keep in mind they dont have to do this and they are taking time out of their schedule to fit you in, so the nicer you are the more your chances are good of being let in to look. -------------------------------- Addition from Bonez: If you want to have a preview contact firstly Admins ( @Bonez, @Bulma @Nazgul if none of us available contact any s-mod / Sherlock or mod that's online and you will be given the rank (RR or SB) you wish to preview for about 5 minutes to LOOK at the content, to reply in a thread will REQUIRE you to have purchased the upgrade. A little bit like window shopping. If you go thieving you get the hammer.