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Found 12 results

  1. Subscribe by sending a PM to @bawz ___________________________________________________ Available Deals: 2 Months: $60 4 Months: $100 6 Months: $120 Lifetime is still offer based but on a reduced threshold. Subscribe by sending a PM to @Bonez ___________________________________________________ Available Deals: 3 Months: $30 6 Months: $55 12 Months $90 Life RedRope a.k.a is availible for $220. (Only the first 5 supporters). For the first 5 who purchase Life RR or Life SB will receive an honorary rank looking like this: Available payment option Bitcoin, only. Who can buy, anyone who is not a VIP. Current VIP-members can make offers on Lifetime SB though. All funds are being used for improving NTG. Including but not limited to: - Dedicated Server - New Payment Systems - Improved design - Secret tool by Buddha, the man who coded the Vertex cracker. - And a lot more features ***Support NTG by purchasing VIP and enjoy super high-quality accounts, configs, and subscription services.***
  3. We would like to honor these amazing staff and member for the past month that helps keep NTG going by their great work. Our Member of the Month for October is @time2go who also is now holding a contributor rank so double congrats to him. Our Staff of the Month is: @JunooN Mod of the month: @xcyclonix SMOD/Sherlock of the month: @-MO- Admin of the month: @JunooN Contributor of the month: @AshikagaTakauji Config Masta of the month: @Vero I congratulate all the group winners, each of you did an excellent job in October!
  4. NTG seeks one or 2 gay - transsexual members for the following First of, your sexuality means nothing to us, this is work (no you dont get paid) but here is a brief summary of why you are needed We need you to be instantly accessible to me (for reasons I will explain in PM) The recordings i need you to save, the recorder can be found at NTG or i can send it to you The recordings need volume if available The models you choose will be your choice We prefer if they are "higher priced" models or "most sought after" We do not mind if they are transsexual or gay as long are in that genre. When your are on the cam site, audio needs to be enabled A topic will be made for other gay or homosexual or transsexual fans to choose their desired model (request) Recording will be saved under model names Example james If duplicate or secondary visit it will be saved as james_1, james_2 etc Recordings will ONLY be for NTG. You will NOT distribute them/share or anything with them Once recorded they belong to us If you violate that we will terminate your services with us We need a person that isn't afraid to take charge. We want these dudes naked, no pocket fapping, we need cocks in the videos. It needs to be at a full screen this is key for a good movie. You can do this fuckin every day if you want to, all we ask is that the sessions are recorded in high def. Full frontal male/transgender nudity. You enjoy the shit out of it and we will supply you with the top shelf cam model dudes. Are you ready?
  5. We would like to honor these amazing staff and member for the past month that helps keep NTG going by their great work. Our Member of the Month for September is @_Cabal_! Congratulations. Our Staff of the Month is: @JunooN! Congrats Now for the staff of the month: Mod of the month: @HumaN SMOD/Sherlock of the month: @Zezima Admin of the month: @JunooN Contributor of the month: @miotuo Config Masta of the month: @Vero I congratulate all the group winners, each of you did an excellent job in September!
  6. NTG can ONLY process payments in Bitcoins, Ehterum, BitcoinCash & USD PAX atm. Very Soon We Are Giving Option Crad Payment with Autopromotion upon purchase. We are working hard. But for now we can only do Bitcoins, soon we will have an auto shop like in this preview: A lot of @Members lack the basic knowledge on how to exchange PayPal money for Bitcoins. Bitcoins is our ONLY accepted payment method for VIP ( @Red Rope & @Shady Bastards ). So what you need are 2 things. 1. A verified account on 2. A Bitcoin wallet such as a soft wallet on Visual Guide: How to trade: Sign into your Blockchain wallet up and sign in to your verified localbitcoins account: Hope this helps! /Bonez
  7. If you believe you have the skills of a Contributor or a Config Masta NTG will gladly accept you as a member of staff after you have proven yourself past the trial period. We are having a Renaissance period and willing to see how many contributors and config mastas one site can hold If you are interested please apply here >>>> Describe your skills level based on an honest 1-10 rating system Keep in mind you will be staff and expected to hold true to our beliefs and laziness will not be tolerated. The rewards awesome though to be part of a site who is now 11 years old and though people try to shut us down, we just come back stronger.....only with your help. Look forward to seeing you as staff. EDIT BY BONEZ: WE ARE NOT LOOKING FOR MODERATORS AT THIS POINT IN TIME -> WE WANT CONFIG MASTERS AND CONTRIBUTORS ONLY!!
  8. Good day to all! I have important information. Due to the fact that lately, we are experiencing a slight shortage of high-quality Combos and Proxies, our administration announces the recruitment of staff for 2 new positions: "Combo Maker" and "Proxy Master". Combo Maker If you are well versed in SQLI tools (SQLI Dumper/Map, etc.), you can constantly create new private combos and passfiles and upload them exclusively for NTG and want to get into our team, then send your application. But I immediately warn you, we need only highly qualified specialists in creating combos, so in your applies be sure to specify screenshots that demonstrate your skills and capabilities, as well as your work in the past. Applications without proof of your abilities and a detailed portfolio will not be considered. If someone thinks that to obtain this position, simply posts the various combolists with other forums, you are wrong. In our family there is no place for leechers, so Senior Staff will check each application form carefully. Proxy Master If you have access to paid proxy services with private SSL and/or socks and are ready to upload them constantly for our staff and VIP-zones, we are waiting for your application. But again, be sure to include screenshots with evidence that you have a HQ paid proxy service, free proxies available on the Internet does not interest us. If you have questions, write, I will be glad to answer. Love and harmony to everyone!
  9. Anyone who wishes to join us on discord is welcome to do so. Please use the same nickname as on NTG so we can assign correct roles on discord. See yall on discord. And no asking for accounts in the general chat. Step into the heat. Link To Join Our Official Discord Channel /Bonez @Member @Members @Power User @Red Rope @Shady Bastards
  10. Hi all! Please remember to NEVER post a DIRECT LINK to ANY SITE on NTG. - What is a Direct link? This is Direct Link: anyone can click this and they will come to If we post direct links on NTG and member clicks that link than is sent as referrer to the target site, in most cases porn sites, and that will make them improve security more. So from today, anyone found posting direct link will receive a 2 point warning. This announcement is force read to the whole community, so do not get caught slippin'. Regards @Admin @Super Mod@BinaryBastards @Config Masta @Contributor @Mod @NTG Advisor @Sherlock
  11. NeThinGoez is currently looking for highly skilled crackers that can make advanced configurations for i.e.: Sentry, STORM, Snipr, phpbrute, letsbruteit and black bullet. You do not need to know all these tools, but you need to be a master in at least one of them. If you wanna take on this challenge, which is proving yourself to our @Config Masta (They will test your skills.) Make yourself known here in this thread if you think you have what it takes. Spam replies in this thread=you are dead.
  12. We came to this decision, no more symbols or characters go in front of a titles.This will help with search and the the board/site will be neater. Example: Wrong: 1-14-18 megavideopass/prem x 2 3x ... Elite Smut 22-1-2018 - 2.36 MB Fresh Email Combos Correct: Do not post a untidy Title will be Edited megavideopass/prem 1-14-18 3x Fresh Email Combos 22-1-2018 - 2.36 MB Do not use And Why Do You Need/Want To Want Use These 123 ~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) - _ = [ ] { } ' ; , . < > / ? in Front of Your Titles,need to clean up title You will get a warning,it will also lead to being banned if you continue after the warning. @Contributor @Config Masta @Member @Mod @Power User @Red Rope @Shady Bastards @Sherlock