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Found 16 results

  1. Hello NTG! As of today, we will not accept PayPal in any way, shape or form as a means of payment. Why? Because we lose more money from PayPal seizing legit accounts than we do selling VIP. Economics 101 - Don't end up in debt. So from today the 5th of July we will ONLY accept Bitcoins, Etherum or BitconCash as payments for both VIP groups ShadyBastards & RedRope. So please stop requesting PayPal purchases, because we cannot use it. And we won't again. However, I am trying to find alternative payment gateways that we can use. And hopefully, I will be able to get some new method of payment working soon. Meanwhile, if your only option is PayPal you can exchange PayPal money for Bitcoin here: and here: Best Regards @The Owner
  2. This announcement is especially meant for the Power User group and directly refers to the users who are PU at present, the ones who were once PU before being demoted to Members0 and also new members who wants to become PU in future. As you would have seen that @alucard mentioned in a topic made an announcement on June 21st 2019 regarding the inactivity of Power Users and that we were gonna demote PU's with no activity/contributions in the recent past. We even monitored PU for the next 15 days after that notification but found only two PU who became active and hence did not demoted them, we expected more activity though but it was not to be. Therefore, we had to demote a whooping 129 Power Users out of 251 as they had no recorded contributions, not even a single post with accounts or anything related to cracking or something which other members could make use of. We had to get rid of this dead weight as we want to see more competition and we only want the most active users to be in the PU group. But lets now talk of something good, yeah, there's still a good chance left with all those 129 users who have lost their PU status to REGAIN the same and we would be more than happy to give it back to them. And all you need to do is to re-do what you guys did the best in the past and that is CONTRIBUTION coz it would be unfair if you only TAKE and not SHARE anything in return as NTG still believes that SHARING IS CARING and with this we can go even longer than what we already achieved in this 11 years of online time. Also, I welcome new users to focus on their contributory level as our staff team is very keen to include fresh blood in the POWER USER group and that is the significant reason behind this step that we have taken. For some it may look harsh but we would name it as GROWING PAIN which only results in fruitful results with time. Anywayz, I would like to sign off here as the topic has already become lengthy enough from a simple announcement to an essay but I wanted to come up with the most clearest form of statement to properly justify on what we are up to for the better understanding of our beloved users and the opportunities that lies ahead of them as we would be continuously monitoring users and would even manually upgrade them to PU when their activity levels becomes optimum. Best regards! On behalf of NTG staff team, @Teh Owner @The Owner @Admin @Super Mod @Moderator @Config Masta @Contributor @JunooN List of 129 PU whom we had to demote for non-activity:-
  3. All Good Day!! As You already understood from the title of the topic, it's time to take stock of the past month. So, let's start: Member of the Month In June, @esteder was recognized as the best. Congratulations to the winner. As a prize, as usual, 1 free month of Red Rope. Staff of the Month @alucard - Admin of the Month; @JunooN- SuperMod of the Month; @-DEXTER- - Moderator of the Month; @Vero - Config Masta of the Month; @dcybergeek - Contributor of the Month. Results of the final voting: In June, one of the most hardworking, talented, valuable and respected members of the staff, as well as the leaders of the forum, @alucard won. On behalf of the whole team, I congratulate you on this well-deserved victory! I also congratulate all the other winners!Each of You did an outstanding job in June. Do not forget that we continue to recruit for the positions of "Combo Maker" and "Proxy Master". If You want to be part of the NTG team, this is your chance. In conclusion, I want to thank @Ignition for creating these new logos That's it, I love you all!
  4. Good day to all! I have important information. Due to the fact that lately, we are experiencing a slight shortage of high-quality Combos and Proxies, our administration announces the recruitment of staff for 2 new positions: "Combo Maker" and "Proxy Master". Combo Maker If you are well versed in SQLI tools (SQLI Dumper/Map, etc.), you can constantly create new private combos and passfiles and upload them exclusively for NTG and want to get into our team, then send your application. But I immediately warn you, we need only highly qualified specialists in creating combos, so in your applies be sure to specify screenshots that demonstrate your skills and capabilities, as well as your work in the past. Applications without proof of your abilities and a detailed portfolio will not be considered. If someone thinks that to obtain this position, simply posts the various combolists with other forums, you are wrong. In our family there is no place for leechers, so Senior Staff will check each application form carefully. Proxy Master If you have access to paid proxy services with private SSL and/or socks and are ready to upload them constantly for our staff and VIP-zones, we are waiting for your application. But again, be sure to include screenshots with evidence that you have a HQ paid proxy service, free proxies available on the Internet does not interest us. If you have questions, write, I will be glad to answer. Love and harmony to everyone!
  5. Anyone who wishes to join us on discord is welcome to do so. Please use the same nickname as on NTG so we can assign correct roles on discord. See yall on discord. And no asking for accounts in the general chat. Step into the heat. Link To Join Our Official Discord Channel /Bonez @Member @Members @Power User @Red Rope @Shady Bastards
  6. Hi all We will cut the prices for RedRope by a 3rd for an undisclosed period of time. BTC/Bitcoins is the only available payment option to use this promo Duration Standard Price Promo Price 1. Month $15.00 $10.00 2. Months $28.00 $18.50 3. Months $36.00 $24.00 6. Months $66.00 $44.00 9. Months $90.00 $60.00 12. Months $108.00 $72.00 To use this offer simply send me a PM @Bonez Include the desired duration f.e "3 Months RR Promo" and I will reply with the BTC address. @The Owner
  7. Hi all! Please remember to NEVER post a DIRECT LINK to ANY SITE on NTG. - What is a Direct link? This is Direct Link: anyone can click this and they will come to If we post direct links on NTG and member clicks that link than is sent as referrer to the target site, in most cases porn sites, and that will make them improve security more. So from today, anyone found posting direct link will receive a 2 point warning. This announcement is force read to the whole community, so do not get caught slippin'. Regards @Admin @Super Mod@BinaryBastards @Config Masta @Contributor @Mod @NTG Advisor @Sherlock
  8. Hello everyone! NTG is currently looking to expand and refresh the staff. Are you a skilled cracker or config masta willing to share your work with the community? (Mainly in our VIP forums RedRope & Shady) Make yourself known in this thread, tell us a little about what you do and you might get a chance to prove yourself. Do not send any PM's. Make yourself known here, and if you sound interesting an administrator will contact you
  9. Are you skilled in Search Engine Optimization? If you are and is willing to help NTG with optimizing our board then send me a message by clicking here: PM to Bonez Only reply if you CAN help.
  10. NeThinGoez is currently looking for highly skilled crackers that can make advanced configurations for i.e.: Sentry, STORM, Snipr, phpbrute, letsbruteit and black bullet. You do not need to know all these tools, but you need to be a master in at least one of them. If you wanna take on this challenge, which is proving yourself to our @Config Masta (They will test your skills.) Make yourself known here in this thread if you think you have what it takes. Spam replies in this thread=you are dead.
  11. Ok let's try our very best to be as mature about this as possible..... NTG is seeking active members who can provide NTG with Gay/Homosexual Content. You will be considered staff and you will be chosen based on your ability to contribute, I understand NTG has a very humorous outtake on this topic and we will conduct ourselves in the most respectful manner. We understand we have members who have an alternate lifestyle and would want to cater to them as well. We Currently have this is free section And this is in our RR We are seeking content that is same as any other, accounts, configs, and we may open up a section for more IE Warez if we feel the need to. NTG respects your choices and will not judge you on your entertainment but keep in mind there is a very thin line that should not be crossed BDSM and Trans would be accepted BUT NO FORM OF BEASTIALITY OR UNDERAGE/MINOR Related items will be posted. If you happen to be homosexual or bi, keep in mind we are doing this to show our acceptance of your decisions. Apply below. We will be considering re-vamping the site to add a "Gay" or whatever you wish to call it tab to make it easy on you. We also seek staff who can clean up dead accounts as well in said areas. Super Edit IF ANYONE IS BEING MALICIOUS OR DOWN RIGHT ABUSIVE TOWARDS THIS TOPIC, YOU MAY FIND YOUR ACCOUNT BANNED HERE
  12. If you have what it takes, we want you.
  13. We came to this decision, no more symbols or characters go in front of a titles.This will help with search and the the board/site will be neater. Example: Wrong: 1-14-18 megavideopass/prem x 2 3x ... Elite Smut 22-1-2018 - 2.36 MB Fresh Email Combos Correct: megavideopass/prem 1-14-18 3x Fresh Email Combos 22-1-2018 - 2.36 MB Do not use And Why Do You Need/Want To Want Use These 123 ~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) - _ = [ ] { } ' ; , . < > / ? in Front of Your Titles,need to clean up title You will get a warning,it will also lead to being banned if you continue after the warning. @Contributor @Config Masta @Member @Mod @Power User @Red Rope @Shady Bastards @Sherlock
  14. Great Portable Small Intuitive Software for Scraping Parsing and Checking Proxies. Get ~5k working in a matter of minutes. NjoyZ
  15. Virus Scan:- try your own risk Note:- U Must Have The Latest V Of Netframwork. Download Link:-