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Found 5 results

  1. Long time loyal member/contributor/mod/staff/sherlock/smod @ShadowAngel (longest active sherlock/smod) is promoted officially to s-mod. Thank you for all your dedication to NTG. And I am happy to finally set you in the Sr. Staff Team. Welcome back Shadow- Let's make NTG blossom. @Super Mod
  2. I would like to start off by stating that all of us at NTG are humans, humans make mistakes and humans are capable of finding out that we have made mistakes and humans apologize for our mistakes. On behalf of NTG, we would like to offer @cyber_junkie a sincere apology, I am speaking for myself on this issue and other staff if you feel the same you can add to it. Yoven has been my friend for many years and his actions, though I would have never approved it were in NO way shape or form directed towards hurting NTG or any of its members. Yoven has been falsely accused of actions against NTG and for this we owe him a deep and sincere apology. I hope he is a forgiving person and will accept this unfortunate situation and move past it towards more beneficial and prosperous unions between members and staff. We also wish to give him back his position, should he accept or accept him in to our prestigious Hall of Fame. -julian
  3. NetGhost 1.4 By Arcanecfg

  4. Wasi Dorker Tool

    Virus Scan:- try your own risk Note:- U Must Have The Latest V Of Netframwork. Download Link:-
  5. NetGhost 1.3 By Arcanecfg

    Great Portable Small Intuitive Software for Scraping Parsing and Checking Proxies. Get ~5k working in a matter of minutes. NjoyZ