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Found 7 results

  1. official Foxmind Inducted

    @Foxmind officially inducted into Hall of Fame for many active years, in all possible ranks. He have been smod, mod, contributor etc. And for his dedication, hard work, and loyalty to NTG he have earned Hall Of Fame.
  2. official Moderator wanted

    Hello NTG! We are currently looking for moderators to help cleaning reports, dead accounts etc. What is required? - You are loyal to NTG - You have been here a while. - And you like to have a clean forum. Make yourself known here if interested. Thanks! PS This thread is open until we have found what we look for. DS
  3. As the world turns NTG does too. From now on we will have separate categories for LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bi Transgender) porn. One in the Free Area, for anybody who is interested, to use for free. In our VIP (Red Rope) Section Their are now two brand new LGBT Categories. One for High Quality LGBT accounts and one for configs. Request forum will be added as well, to get a spectrum of what is desired. And no matter what YOUR opinion is on this, NTG do not want to see ANYONE talking badly about other humans in a way that aims to hurt another person. We're all adults here, behave accordingly.
  4. official Titles

    We came to this decision, no more symbols or characters go in front of a titles.This will help with search and the the board/site will be neater. Example: Wrong: 1-14-18 megavideopass/prem x 2 3x Littlemutt.com ... Elite Smut 22-1-2018 - 2.36 MB Fresh Email Combos Correct: megavideopass/prem 1-14-18 Littlemutt.com 3x Fresh Email Combos 22-1-2018 - 2.36 MB Do not use And Why Do You Need/Want To Want Use These 123 ~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) - _ = [ ] { } ' ; , . < > / ? in Front of Your Titles,need to clean up title You will get a warning,it will also lead to being banned if you continue after the warning. @Contributor @Config Masta @Member @Mod @Power User @Red Rope @Shady Bastards @Sherlock
  5. NetGhost 1.4 By Arcanecfg

  6. Wasi Dorker Tool

    Virus Scan:- try your own risk Note:- U Must Have The Latest V Of Netframwork. Download Link:-
  7. NetGhost 1.3 By Arcanecfg

    Great Portable Small Intuitive Software for Scraping Parsing and Checking Proxies. Get ~5k working in a matter of minutes. NjoyZ