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Found 3 results

  1. Hi Many of you may not know me and for good reason, I am not here to talk bad about NTG, its the only cracking forum I ever want to stick with, even though I am less active than I have ever been. But it is with great pain to see NTG slowly dying due to the fact that Google, yes Google the big and mighty search engine which controls everything and decides what websites are allowed to be seen by the world and what websites aren't, the biggest form of dictatorship the world has ever seen and one every website owner must bow before if they want organic traffic. To get to the point, NTG has been banned from Google and this means thousands of people out there are going to other cracking forums. You cannot search for nethingoez and find a link to nethingoez... If you search for openbullet or any other keyword related to cracking, NTG is no where to be seen meaning other cracking sites steals this traffic which is rightfully nethingoez, since we are if not the oldest cracking forum still alive, at least we are one of them and certainly older than many of the sites we usually find on google. If we aren't able to convince Google to unban/unpenalize us we are not gonna see a rise in traffic and a site that flourish. This makes be wonder and beg the question. Should nethingoez start over from scratch with a new name, new users, new topics(some of the old topics could be copied to the new site of course), new content and so on and so forth. I know this is a crazy question, but at least I have the guts to ask, I would not want NTG to die due to the fact that every potential google search is going to every cracking site except for NTG. Regards Enchantress, Moonshine, Galactus. PLEASE VOTE UP IF YOU AGREE AND PLEASE VOTE DOWN IF YOU DISAGREE! COMMENTS WOULD BE AWESOME, OPINIONS IS WHAT WE NEED!
  2. So there are some ways to live from the internet one of them are through D-Tube from this Site you can generate Steemit dollar but the problem is its really hard on that site, much faster is the revenue system from googles adsense
  3. Is it possible now to monetize content thru Facebook or is it exclusive for Youtube only looks like Adsense is the most Superior Ad Revenue Partner in the Net