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Found 25 results

  1. ealien


    Hello I'm alie and i'm studying computer science My interests is cloud computing and fog networking You have an awesome forum very rich and educational wish the best for all you guys
  2. Hi . am Mystical , Real name 3dw1n . i found my self on this site by googling free premium account [ last 24 hours ].. trolled all sites listed by google until i found you guys . Actually there is a similar design / very similar website out there that looks and feels same as you guys but they don't have all the rules or hard monitoring .,. i forgot my password on the website after formatting my OS so thats that. the website is . thanks for having me here.
  3. RVC_95

    New guy

    What's up guys, new here just saying hi
  4. Hey, from India, was looking for danny.....
  5. finsfan


    Hi, My name is Mick. New here, just trying to fit in. Any tips on how to navigate this place let me know. Thanks
  6. summary of what seem to be a long version of left out details. i know there is editing but wanted to put it in a clearer formatted way Am African doing computer science Am a sucker for free shit i contribute as best as i can I love to know how people feel about certain things and am not that good at computers until i find good Rigs thanks me right here , i know its not much but sorry for doing a part II version of my self
  7. Hi guys. Name is Dan. Hoping that this site is as good as I hope it will be. Seems the rules and regs might weed out the bad eggs. Hoping for good things
  8. Thank you very much for sharing from u guys
  9. smartplayfun


    hi, nice to meet you all, i am new to join
  10. neero


    Heya !! I hope you are all doing great :') My name is Ahmad , I am 18 and I am from Oman. I was searching for pornos accounts so found this awesome forum , I have basic knowledge of cracking , creating combos and getting proxylists. I hope I'll learn new and advance things here. Thanks for having me here.
  11. Hello, reached NeThinGoez by randomly browsing internet (hehe :p), is this forum helpful on a quite daily basis ?
  12. Hello guys, i am new here, i'm 25 and i love cracking !
  13. It is really nice to join this forum.Hope I can improve my cracking skills here. thanks
  14. fatalerr0r


    Hi, people I'm brazillian, and I'm new here, hope to learn new things.
  15. twiggycloud


    New here dont want any trouble, just lookin to have fun..
  16. Sup guys, I am snuffpuff and am a new member. Currently taking part time degree while working full time, 22 years old and yeah like this community is cool so what the hell good to know you guys and thank you for letting me in here. Hope to be a contributing member for this site.
  17. gangnam


    new here, looks like a fun site! I hope to enjoy my time on ntg.
  18. Slain


    Well being new to the site and seeing other comments and how people are here I should intro. myself. I like anime, horror movies, stupid shit online. I have a dark sense of humor ,and I don't like people.
  19. Jarvis


    Hi y'all. This looks like a great forum. I am looking forward to contributing.
  20. airline200


    Hey there! I go by the alias Airline among others. I'm currently a student in the field of biochemistry. I enjoy gaming, hiking and films. I look forward to contributing in whatever way I can (no matter how small). Happy to be here, seems like a well-rounded community.
  21. jynbas


    Hello, I came across this site by trying to find a password.
  22. Obviously I'm new here. I've read over the rules and whatnot and am eager to learn. Out of curiosity, is most of the site geared towards Windows users/tools, or are there any OSX/Linux users around?
  23. hmasif025

    hi guys

    hi guys im Asif new user of this forum....for cracking im just a toddler....but know nothigoez since 5-6 years when i found apex config cracker made by buddha....luckyly after so many years i found the real im happy to be apart of this leading I.T platform....
  24. hey guys what's up, just saying i am new here from Germany, hope can share some good stuff with you all. Regards DON Pablo