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important How to purchase RedRope/ShadyBastard using Bitcoin

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Thank you for considering donating to NTG! Given recent events, we can't accept PayPal, due to them shutting down our accounts.

NTG is fueled based on your contributions and we would like to pay our server host 2 months in advance. To keep our transactions safe and secure, we are accepting bitcoin exclusively.

I will quickly run down the steps to purchasing bitcoin and how you can send it to us as donation for your RedRope/ShadyBastards access.

If you do not know what RedRope/ShadyBastards is, keep reading. Otherwise, skip to step one.

RedRope is the "VIP" section of our site, with many more high quality accounts, configs, combolists, etc. than our free sections, including a request section to ask for an account of any site of your choosing. This all comes with a red color on your name and the group "RedRope".

ShadyBastards is another "VIP" section of our site which has even more accounts, configs, etc. with the exception being that these are all of some monetary value. An example of some of the accounts/configs you can find in ShadyBastards are Domino's free pizza accounts (pick up a pizza for free!), free hotel room nights, etc. This is for only our top tier members, with this comes a light blue color on your name and the group "ShadyBastard". Even better: ShadyBastard members have full access to our RedRope AND Power User sections. Full access to NTG content!


Step 1.

Find an exchange that will transfer your currency for bitcoin. Below are a few reputable exchanges:



Check coinbase first, as it has a very wide country availability. If you don't find an exchange here that works for your country, you may need to google around for a "bitcoin fiat exchange {country here}". For example, if I live in spain I could google: "bitcoin fiat exchange spain" and view my options. Whatever you do: make sure it is reputable. Ask in the shoutbox if you don't know whether or not an exchange is safe.

Step 2.

Now you need to input your payment details. Depending on which exchange you use, you may need to input your bank, debit/credit card information, etc. After you're done verifying your payment details, you're ready to purchase bitcoin. Most exchanges make this process straightforward, and if you need any help first check the exchange's FAQ section then contact me through PM. Here is how to buy bitcoin using coinbase:


If you need to know the price of RedRope before buying your bitcoin, visit this link: https://nethingoez.com/store/

NOTE: ShadyBastards is on an offer basis. You can PM @julian and offer any amount you seem reasonable for ShadyBastards and a time-frame and he will respond with a yes or a no. Remember that ShadyBastards offers you full access to NTG, so it will be more expensive than RedRope.

Step 3.

You're almost there! Now you need to send a PM to @julian with your bitcoin address (again, check the FAQ/help section of your exchange first and then contact me for more help) to verify that the bitcoin is coming from you. Here is a preferred format for your PM:

MY bitcoin address:

I'm purchasing: (enter your purchase here, for example: "I'm purchasing: RedRope for 2 months")

Lastly, send the bitcoin to the following address and wait for a reply back: 1MVMJfQ1zjZDhAR3ji4vojmwxds1n1uWXF

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Reserved. Also, if you know of any reputable exchanges outside of Coinbase's country coverage, please PM me and let me know, I will add to this thread.

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