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Remove unwanted lines from your wordlist or combolist!

This tool will delete all lines that contain unwanted symbols from a list of preset symbols.

-This tool can also delete all lines that aren't Email adresses, USER:PASS format, contain Numbers or Letters.

-This tool can also load Textfiles up to 5GB if you have sufficient RAM, CPU and a 64-bit machine.

-You can also add custom pattern if you want in the textbox. Make sure you choose the right one in the dropdown menu. The first item vill remove all lines that match that expression. While the second item will remove all lines that doesn't match the expression.

-You will get a popup message once your textfile has been loaded into the program. This may take a few seconds and longer if the file is huge.

-Once you have pressed the Clean Text file button it will process your file and you will get a popup message once it has been processed successfully.


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well i just d/loaded from both d/load spots tried the 2 and it will not run..i am using windows 10...

if staff can verify this tool as working or dead it would be nice.

thank you...x

looks like a good tool :thumbsup:


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