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General guidelines to selecting an IPTV provider

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START HERE: How to select an IPTV Provider Primer: Best practices and general guidelines to selecting an IPTV provider that works best for you 


If you expect and want channels with 100% uptimes then IPTV is not for you. You are better off with Sling TV or PS Vue or something similar or sticking with your current cable or satellite service.

We are seeing many of the same kinds of posts show up here time and time again. For example: Find me one with US channels, find me one that has the sports I am looking for, or find me a specific channel in a specific language. Below is an attempt to consolidate the normal responses given to people who requests for assistance.

First and foremost, DO NOT BELIEVE ANYONE HERE. If you post a request for IPTV provider recommendations, you will surely get re sellers and providers pimping their warez. There are many providers and resellers shilling their product here. I do not have to name specific usernames but if you been here long enough you will see certain providers propped up here time and time again.

If you post a request for an IPTV providers, you will surely get re sellers and providers pimping their warez (repeating this again for emphasis)

My best advice is to do your own research. Start by Google research the provider you are interested in, then join the provider forums and a READ as much as you can.

IPTV has many variables affecting the stability of the channels

Source channels providers (content generators) <--- Your provider is only as good as the content generators. Not much you as a customer can do here.
IPTV provider this is who you are looking for
ISP <--- they might throttle you which might require a VPN. They might block the IPTV provider all together using something like. Sky Shield or BT websafe. You want to disable these blockers. I see people saying they have a gigabit link but still buffering.. Sorry it's most likely you. You have a gigabit link to the next hop and thats about it. A provider that buffers usually does not last long. Customers will leave in droves.... so chances are it is probably your issue.
Customer Network <---- Your home network might not be up to par. Do you have wifi/wired? Do you live in a apartment building with a lot of WIFI competition? Get a wired link.
Customer device <--- is your device underpowered? An old enigma or a cheap android box might not cut it for HD or FHD.
Customer application<--- is it updated or have known bugs? VLC is the best test application on a wired computer.
This means what works for someone may not work for you. A certain provider may work great for one person (most likely a shill) but it may not work well for you.

… which leads us to TRIALS


Do as many as you can.

Keep in mind, the larger and probably more established provider will not offer free trials since they do not have inventive to. Out of a hundred trials they get maybe 1 reals sub. So out of that free 100 trials is countless request for help and configuration help that yields to wasted effort. A nominal cost ($2 USD to $5 USD) for trial for the bigger more established providers is normal.

Resellers and newer providers do offer free trials but usually on the weekday since they are trying to establish their base.

WEEKEND TRIALS are usually never free due to the large amount of sporting events on.

As some many have mentioned, instead of doing trials, buy a month at one provider then go to another provider.and cycle through them .. after about 4 months or so you will be an expert.

What do I look for?

CHANNELS Definitely do not go with providers who got 5000 channels. Let me give you a hint, you will not watch all 5000 channels. You will not watch Disney JR in Greek. No provider will give you high uptimes on all channels if they have to maintain 5000 channels. Go for a provider more targeted for your needs and language (500-2000 channels) is optimal.


Do they offer VOD/ondemand as an additional service? Is the selection deep? Is the shows in your language? Can you request new VODs be added?

SD OPTIONS Wooo hoo my provider has all FHD channels! and you will buffer all day everyday until your subscription expires. Keep in mind if you watch on your mobile you want a provider with some SD options. If you have data transfer caps you will want SD channels. FHD/HD left on is a crap load of traffic. Ideally ones that have HD and SD options for your favorite channels.

SUPPORT How responsive is your provider? Do they respond quickly? Do they treat you fairly? Are they reasonable? Do they provide channel or VOD requests? Do they fulfill these requests? Do they help you configure your device and offers post purchase support help?

COMMUNITY Do they have a community of other users that can help each other with support and tips and tricks or does your IPTV provider leave you isolated on an island. I see people come here to ask question they should be asking their provider directly.

PRIVACY Are they protecting your privacy? Do they need your personal information Facebook Support group? AVOID if possible. Facebook requires you to request help with you real information. Do you want your Aunt Sally asking why you are posting to "HellonEarthHOSTINGSolutions"? Facebook tracks all your post to request help on IPTV. IMHO, it is plain lazy on the providers part to only have Facebook.

Can you pay with a prepaid card? How about crypto currency?

ISP BLOCKED AND TARGETED PROVIDERS Does the service require VPN during EPL matches? Are providers actively throttling the provider? If a provider has been on the news (of any kind) do you really want to sign up with them?

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great write up @fed87
people need to follow these guidelines as you speak the truth.
I sell a sub and we are not the biggest but our channels are limited to us/can/uk and support is unparrelled. looping problems get fixed within minutes, servers are our own.
it is much better to have a sub with fewer channels that are up 95% of the time than 5000 that is aften a crapshoot on which channel will be up that day.
I will not give a trial, as you state there are people that hop from one sub to another and live off trials.
for 10 a month why not give it a good try

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