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The World Of Biblical Israel (ttc Video)

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The World Of Biblical Israel (ttc Video)

The World of Biblical Israel takes you on a journey through ancient Israel to introduce you to the world, the people, the challenges, and the triumphs of this ancient land. In 24 captivating lectures, Professor Cynthia R. Chapman of Oberlin College introduces you to the stories of the Judeans in exile and grounds them in their historical context, giving you a grand vision of history as presented in the scriptures. She compares the history in the Bible to the archaeological record, giving you a complete picture of life in biblical Israel. Along the way, you'll encounter the richness of the Hebrew Bible, which for thousands of years has been one of the most important literary and religious works in the world, foundational to all three Abrahamic religions. In fact, Judaism has maintained unbroken ties to this text, and studying it sheds light on how the religion is practiced today. Yet it's not until you view the Hebrew scriptures in the context of the history in which they were written that you see how truly powerful their narratives are.

Included in this Torrent:
24 Video lectures - 30 minutes each, 24 MP3 Audio lectures, and a detailed 196 page PDF Course Guidebook is included.

Note: As an extra in this torrent, all 24 course lectures are included in MP3 audio format also!
* Enjoy the convenience of experiencing this course while driving, exercising, etc. While the video does contain visual elements, the professor presents the material in an engaging and clear manner, so the visuals are not necessary to understand the concepts. Additionally, you may refer to the accompanying course guidebook for diagrams, illustrations, and examples that are cited throughout the course.


Lecture 1 - Biblical Israel-The Story of a People

Lecture 2 - By the Rivers of Babylon-Exile

Lecture 3 - Ancestor Narratives in Genesis

Lecture 4 - Moses-The Torah's Central Hero

Lecture 5 - Becoming the Nation of Israel

Lecture 6 - Kinship and Economics in Rural Highland Villages

Lecture 7 - Three Weddings and a Funeral

Lecture 8 - Political Power Bases in Early Israel

Lecture 9 - Kingdoms and King Making

Lecture 10 - Politics and Economy of a Centralized Cult

Lecture 11 - Worshipping Locally

Lecture 12 - Lives of the Rich, Lives of the Poor

Lecture 13 - Assyrian Incursion into Israel and Judah

Lecture 14 - Life under Siege

Lecture 15 - Religious Debates and Preserved Text

Lecture 16 - Ezekiel-Exilic Informant

Lecture 17 - Life in Exile, Life in Judah

Lecture 18 - Literacy and Education

Lecture 19 - Religious Developments of the Exile

Lecture 20 - The New Israel-Resettling the Land

Lecture 21 - Food and the Family Meal-Boundaries

Lecture 22 - National Identity-Intermarriage

Lecture 23 - National Identity-Twins and Enemies

Lecture 24 - Loss and Restoration-Two Biblical Stories


Language: (English)

Videos: 856x480 - MP4 format

Audio: 189kb/s - 2chan Stereo - rate 48kHz

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