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Jealous Mom Competes with Aunt for Son

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Ever since my mom and aunt were born, they’ve been competing against each other. They are twins. My mom has been antagonizing her for a long time now, so my aunt finally breaks down and tells her she fucked me. My mom is upset and can’t believe it happened. She breaks in on me masturbating and asks me if I fucked my aunt. I admit to her and she tells me how she wishes that I had gone to her instead. OMFG, my mom is touching my cock and telling me she can’t let her sister steal me away from her! She spits all over my cock and sits down on it! I tell her she is better than my aunt and make her cum over and over! She asks me where I came when I fucked my aunt. I told her in my aunt’s mouth. My mom wants me to cum in her asshole!!!??? I love giving my mom an anal creampie!!!




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