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7qESCEK.png RedRope is NeThinGoez version of VIP-membership. 

A preview of the hidden forums you'd gain access to is attached below:



• Frequently updated accounts for all possible sites, File Host, XXX, Subscription-based in services, etc.

• If you wish to, you can create a request in the Requests Section and our staff will fulfill your request.

• The configs for SentryMBA, Hitman, LetsBruteIt, PHPbrtue, STORM, Snipr, BlackBullet and Vertex are regularly updated. If a dead one were to be found just report it and it'll be fixed.

• We also supply BlackBullet software for free.

• Every Friday we have the Friday Ultimate Toss, where our staff and also members post high-quality accounts.

• Your rank tag will be changed to  RedRope.png  and the color of your name will be red.


The pricing structure looks like this:





• We also have the option of purchasing LifeTime Red Rope, send PM @Bonez with offers if you want to become a Life Time member.

• Every RedRope member is also aiding NTG with our hosting costs as we are a non-profit-forum.


So how do I purchase it?:

• Accepted means of payment: PayPal & Bitcoins are the only available payment options.

• To purchase send a pm to @Bonez or click this link: Purchasing RedRope here

• Include the following information in the message:




  1. Which Cryptocurrency
  2. Bitcoins, and yes Bitcoins can be purchased with PayPal here: or here
  3. The duration you'd like to pay for (Example: 3 months)



*We do reserve our self from selling VIP membership to anyone we deem unfit to gain access to the Red Rope VIP section.











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 *We do reserve our self from selling VIP membership to anyone we deem unfit to gain access to the RedRope VIP section.

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