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7qESCEK.png RedRope is NeThinGoez version of VIP-membership. 

A preview of the hidden forums you'd gain access to is attached below:





• Frequently updated accounts for all possible sites, File Host, XXX, Subscription based in services, etc.

• If you wish to, you can create a request in the Requests Section and our staff will fulfill your request.

• The configs for SentryMBA, Hitman, LetsBruteIt, PHPbrtue, STORM, Snipr, BlackBullet and Vertex are regularly updated. If a dead one were to be found just report it and it'll be fixed.

• We also supply BlackBullet software for free.

• Every Friday we have the Friday Ultimate Toss, where our staff and also members post high-quality accounts.

• Your rank tag will be changed to  RedRope.png  and the color of your name will be red.


The pricing structure looks like this:





• We also have the option of purchasing LifeTime Red Rope, send PM @Bonez with offers if you want to become a Life Time member.

• Every RedRope member is also aiding NTG with our hosting costs as we are a non-profit-forum.


So how do I purchase it?:

• Accepted means of payment: PayPal & Bitcoins are the only available payment options.

• To purchase send a pm to @Bonez or click this link: Purchasing RedRope here

• Include the following information in the message:


  1. Which payment method (Bitcoins, and yes Bitcoins can be purchased with PayPal -> HERE )
  2. The duration you'd like to pay for (Example: 3 months)
  3. For previously Long Time subscribers we will allow PayPal. But ONLY for Long Time Subscriber, so do not ask me for PayPal if you just got here, or never had RedRope before.



*We do reserve our self from selling VIP membership to anyone we deem unfit to gain access to the Red Rope VIP section.











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 *We do reserve our self from selling VIP membership to anyone we deem unfit to gain access to the RedRope VIP section.

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