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Elearning - Packt Mastering Kali Linux

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     Title: Mastering Kali Linux
 Publisher: Packt
      Size: 484M (506841621 B)
     Files: 11F
      Date: 08/01/2018

  Course #: 9781789345766
      Type: N/A
  Modified: N/A
       URL: www.packtpub.com/networking-and-servers/mastering-kali-linux-video
    Author: Aubrey Love II
     Skill: N/A
 Exer/Code: [ ]

Unpack that shit, run that shit

Become a master at any hackers game by discovering and
understanding each of the major tools that every hacker is
currently using.


1.Advanced Reconnaissance!


01.The Course Overview.mp4
02.Performing the Right Recon Work.mp4
03.Installing Recon-NG.mp4
04.Integrating Twitter API's.mp4
05.Discovering Modules with Recon-NG.mp4
06.Exploiting Modules with Recon-NG.mp4

2.Exploiting WordPress Sites

07.Scanning WordPress Sites.mp4
08.Enumerating Usernames.mp4
09.Cultivating a Password Dictionary.mp4
10.Bruteforcing Login.mp4
11.Discovering Plugins and More!.mp4

3.Finding Vulnerabilities with SQLMap

12.SQL Databases.mp4
13.Google Dorking.mp4
14.Site Vulnerability Testing.mp4
15.Listing Databases and Tables with SQLMap.mp4
16.Listing Usernames from Tables.mp4
17.Extracting Passwords from Target Columns.mp4
18.Cracking Passwords.mp4

4.Hacking Bluetooth Devices

19.Bluetooth Tools.mp4
20.Scan and Ping for Victims.mp4
21.RFComm Channel Surfing.mp4
23.Other Tools.mp4

5.Advanced Scanning Methods

24.Port Scanning.mp4
26.Nikto Scanning.mp4
27.Perform a Stealth Scan.mp4

6.Target Exploiting and Testing

28.Exploring the S.E.T..mp4
29.Site Cloning.mp4
30.Spear Fishing.mp4
31.Harvester Attacking.mp4
32.Exploiting with Commix.mp4

7.Scanning and Testing Networks

33.Scanning for Live Hosts.mp4
34.Discovering Open Ports.mp4
35.Find Services Actively Listening.mp4
36.Show Anonymous FTP Logins.mp4
37.Test for Vulnerabilities.mp4


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