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Linken Sphere - antidetect browser of the new gene

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Friends, as we know, there are a variety of tasks that require you to quickly switch between a large number of accounts (including social networks), and at the same time, the departure from fingerprinting and other tracking mechanisms is critical.

The Linken Sphere browser, which we will talk about, is just one of these solutions.

The standard way to provide yourself with a lot of "personalities" is to accumulate more virtual machines and make the necessary changes in them. Usually you have to do this manually, which is quite tiring. Multi-threaded browser Linken Sphere does all this work unnecessary and allows you to be in the most diverse places at the same time, and also nullifies all attempts of anti-fraud systems to catch you and prevent you from switching freely between accounts.

How is this solution different from other similar tools? Linken Sphere is based on Chromium and developed by a group of our experts in the field of information security. The work is carried out directly with the source code of the engine, which allows you to completely get rid of the spy code Google - developers of "boxed" products do not usually do this. We do not just integrate extensions into the finished browser, but change its source code. Among other things, it provides additional flexibility and access to any functions.


Main advantages:

·         The browser works in OTR mode, which makes it the safest. There are absolutely no traces of actions on your computer that will not allow even accidentally accessing malicious programs on the machine to access information.

·         The browser is deprived of any hidden connections to Google services, which can not be achieved without changing its source code.

·         The browser encrypts all stored information using the AES-256 encryption standard. All data that is transferred for storage to the server, are only encrypted fragments of hashes that can only be read under your account.

·         The browser from the box is equipped with everything necessary for working with network connections: HTTP, Socks, SSH, TOR, TOR + SSH, Dynamic Socks.

·         The browser allows you to simultaneously work with different types of connections in a multithreaded mode.

·         The browser contains a built-in professional anti-detection that is regularly updated and allows you to use all kinds of user configurations, screen resolutions, language, time, geo-location and real-device snapshots, changing them on the fly.

·         The browser stores prints and cookies for each of the sessions, allowing you to work from one place with hundreds of "personalities" without having to constantly switch between virtual machines.

·         The browser contains a locally built license database GeoIP2 MaxMind, which allows you to configure the time and location of the session in just a few clicks.

·         The browser has cloud-synchronized sessions, that is, sessions are easy to transfer between team members.

The browser contains built-in intelligent tools that allow you to "warm up" sites in an automatic mode ("Heater").

As you know, when farming, there is a need to receive cookies before working with the account in order to reduce the likelihood that the fake user will be identified as a robot. The browser allows you to automate the process of transition between sites in order to collect such data, and does it in the background multithreaded mode. You can independently configure the necessary for visiting pages, the depth of view and the time of staying on the site. In addition, it is possible to set up a timer so that this mechanism is worked out exactly at that time when it is necessary.


What can I customize? Yes, almost everything that can be needed, and even more. On the browser's website there is a large open documentation for the product, which describes all the features and settings. In short, for each individual session, you can configure or uniquely configure the following parameters, which the antifrood system looks at:


·         Canvas. This is an HTML5 element intended for displaying graphics, which is widely used to identify users by the characteristics of their video system.

·         Fonts. Another channel for determining the user is the fonts installed in the system.

·         Plugins. Plug-ins installed in the browser also act as a component of the overall print, because this parameter is quite individual.

·         Audiofingerprint. A relatively new technology that allows you to identify a computer on its audio system: a small audio file is played in the background, and the oscillogram is taken off.

·         WebGL. This is a browser-based implementation of OpenGL, designed to work with three-dimensional graphics in the browser. Anti-fraud systems also successfully use it to assign fingerprints.

·         Geolocation. Determine the location of the user. This parameter can be used in performing sensitive operations: the antifrood may want to make sure that the physical address is the same as that determined by IP.

·         ClientRects. Identification method based on obtaining hashes when scaling an image.

·         Ubercookies. Another imprint is a hash from ClientRects and Audiofingerprint and makes it possible to identify the device with a high degree of probability.

·         WebRTC (including hash devices). The technology that is used to connect the computer directly to media servers and allows you to get a real IP bypassing the means of anonymizing the network address (including the proxy and VPN). The microphones and cameras installed on the computer also have their own identifiers that need to be changed.

·         CSS (resolution). One way to determine the actual resolution of a window using CSS technology.

·         Touch Emulation (allows you to emulate the touchscreen without showing the mouse). Even if you forge the User Agent field so that the browser is defined as a mobile device, the anti-fraud system can still identify it on other grounds. In particular, it is very important to make sure that the mouse cursor is not displayed.

·         JS Navigator (including time, language and resolution). These are all basic browser settings that are transmitted along with basic information about the program used.

·         HTTP Headers. Browser headers are one of the main parameters by means of which the initial "acquaintance" of the site with the browser occurs. And of course, they are included in the set of prints.

·         DNS (the ability to use your own DNS for each session). It is used to obtain the network address of the computer by the host name and in some cases requires special addresses.

·         Local IP. As a rule, the local address is quite a unique value, albeit in a narrow range. It is important to be able to change this value when working with a large number of accounts.

Work with sessions:

Sessions can be called by their own names, they can be assigned color for better navigation, copy, transfer, clean - in general, do everything you need to work with them not only on one computer, but on as many machines as you need. Linken Sphere does not tie to the hardware in any way, and any types of installers are available for download. So you can safely have a browser on different machines with different operating systems, working in turn with one login and password. In addition, thanks to the cloud, you do not even have to physically transfer anything - just start the browser on any machine with your login and password to access all the profiles used.

The main parameters of the browser are configured either manually (for those who have a strong skill and a lot of time), or when choosing embedded or purchased copies of real devices. The browser contains about 50,000 built-in free samples, but for certain tasks, the best option is to purchase the configs in the configshop. It is available for licenses from six months (PRO and PREMIUM). The purchase procedure is simple, plus there are filters for the browser and OS. Bought impression is automatically downloaded directly to the browser.


As already mentioned, each session can have its own output to the network. The browser supports several common operating modes: 

·         No proxy - use of the main Internet channel;

·         Tor - use the Tor network to connect;

·         SSH - implies the use of SSH tunnels;

·         Tor + SSH - a combination of "Tor + tunnel";

·         HTTP - HTTPS-proxy;

·         Dynamic socks - dynamic proxy;

·         Socks - Proxy Socks5.


Also in the browser there is an artificial drain WebRTC, which allows you to keep it on when you work, but do not shine a real IP. Plus, it is possible to proxy the connection to the browser using the familiar Proxifier + Bitvise / Plink.

Another interesting feature is emulation of the touchscreen and gyroscope (it helps to simulate mobile devices), emulation of manual input when copying text and automatic "brodilka", which can visit the necessary sites in the background. By the way, it is being significantly modified from version to version and has gradually become a very useful tool.

So, replenished the balance, paid the tariff - download the program. Options are available for Windows, Mac and Linux. There is also a portable version. After installing the program, you must enter the login and password specified during registration on the site. Now everything is ready, go!

By default, during startup and authorization, the program uses the Tor network to enter the server, so that the real IP of the user is not exposed. This function can be disabled if desired, then connection to the server for license verification will be established using a native connection.

After starting the program, you will see a normal browser with the address bar. It differs from Linken Sphere only one important button - it will start the next work: “Setup session provider”. After clicking on it, we get to the "session" setup menu.

A session is, in fact, a browser in a browser - with its system settings, headers, prints and cookies. That is, in one program you can store a huge number of accounts, each of which will go to the network with different data. Thanks to the support of multi-threading, you can work with many such accounts at once, which is incredibly convenient.


Linken Sphere is an interesting all-in-one solution that can really ease a lot of routine tasks. Of course, the browser itself can not be a panacea for possible problems in work, but in skillful hands it will be very useful. We openly communicate with our audience and in case of which we can help with advice. The program is developing rapidly, and you can meet a lot of positive feedback on the forums, including foreign ones.

Summarizing the above, we can safely recommend the browser to those who value their time and are willing to pay money for improving the efficiency of their work. If you are interested in our development and you would like to learn something else, then please look through the documentation https://ls.tenebris.cc/documentation/introduction or put your question in groups Telegram @spherechateng, @spherechatflood and subscribe to the news channel @devtenebriseng.

Article: https://xakep.ru/2018/06/13/linken-sphere/

24/7 Support

Website: linken-sphere.info

Customer Reviews: 2,7K+ Telegram Group Subscribers

Cost: only $100/month ($500/6 months + configshop, $900/12 months + configshop + priority service (3$/config))

Telegram: @Gor510
E-mail: sales@linken-sphere.info
Jabber: sales.linkensphere@exploit.im

Promo code for a 5% discount - LS_V3BYR7XGSEY6 (at registration)

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Greetings, friends! 

We want to bring to your attention the update Linken Sphere v7.81 Infinia. In this update, based on requests and user requests, we performed a number of important improvements, which allowed us to improve the usability, stability and quality of the browser. We hope that the work done will be to your liking and make interaction with the program more convenient, and work - productive.

When working with weak computers or remote servers, users could run into the lack of resources to use the built-in graphics engine SphereGL (its own customizable WebGL counterpart), which made it impossible to work with a large number of tabs and could lead to the termination of the browser. To work with many sites, there is still an older version of WebGL without the ability to directly draw the image, while the old engine type significantly reduces the resources spent, which allows you to work with a large number of tabs regardless of the performance of the computer.

Now you can choose which type of WebGL fingerprinting you want to use - with image rendering and closest proximity to the real user, or a simpler and older version without rendering, but with better performance:


Browsers are updated. If you work with the account for a long time using a certain configuration, its UserAgent can become irrelevant and there is a demand for updating from the service to a more recent version of the browser that is typical of an ordinary user. Previously, when changing the agent in the configuration settings, there were a number of related changes that did not allow you to make changes to the line with the retention of other attributes. 

Now you can change the value of UserAgent as necessary, without affecting other configuration parameters. In this way, you can update the version of the browser title as necessary, without causing suspicion: 


A large number of users who regularly work on the Web to speed up the work of using hotkeys. We've heard quite a few requests to implement and organize hotkeys into the browser. Despite the apparent simplicity of this solution, the features of the engine and the development process made this task sufficiently resource-intensive for the developer. Nevertheless, we have made the necessary efforts to ensure that the process of working with most of the basic functions is faster and more enjoyable. 

Now you have a number of hot keys duplicated in the shortcut menu: 


For users who work with a large number of accounts and saved sessions, it is important to quickly return to work after the next browser opening. Opening a large number of sessions in turn significantly slowed the continuation of the work after the opening of the program and was quite inconvenient. We reviewed the need for more comfortable interaction with the session manager to improve usability. 

Now you can open the required sessions in bulk, marking with the junks in Session manager -> open selected (open in turn, similar to open closed tabs after restart): 


The emergence of the left optional menu for quick access to active sessions in an isolated working environment for each of their tabs was undoubtedly enjoyed by most users. But we perfectly understand that we, as developers, always have something to strive for to further improve the quality of the product, so we, as promised, continue to refine the menu in order to make working with it even more comfortable. 

Now you can organize the sessions that are there by the simple and comfortable method of drug'n'drop - just pull the necessary session wherever you would like it to be: 


Also, a new interesting detective was traversed, based on creating a hidden window with the clientWidth / Height matching with innerWidth / Height. This type of definition of browser spoofing already occurs on a number of sites that specialize in the sale of digital goods and is likely to be further distributed in security systems. 

In this version there are a number of changes related to the correct operation of cookies, which was required due to international innovations in the approach to the privacy policy on the Web and related changes in the technical implementation of their records.

Changes made in this version will significantly improve the stability of the browser with purchased and downloaded cookies when working with a variety of resources.

Attention! In this version on the Mac is not laid out the installer, but the file to run. If there is an installed version - do not delete, but replace the file in the folder with the program. Those who put the first time - you can just run the file you get from the archive.

This update should be installed by downloading the installer for your OS from our site. 

We recommend reading the information on the site, the sections Documentation and FAQ, and also added to the telegram groups @spherechateng, @spherechatflood and subscribe to the main channel with updates @devtenebriseng.

And, as usual, you can get a one-week test for $30 US when registering here https://ls.tenebris.cc/registration?promocode=LS_V3BYR7XGSEY6 with a promo code LS_V3BYR7XGSEY6, followed by a 5% discount for a subsequent subscription.


Telegram: @Gor510
E-mail: sales@linken-sphere.info
Jabber: sales.linkensphere@exploit.im

Edited by Gor510

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We want to bring to your attention our new development, which, we hope, will significantly change the capabilities of each user who worries about 
their safety. As you may know, the modern Internet is a completely transparent structure in which all your actions and steps can be investigated and used against you. 


Anonymously. Safely. Absolutely free.

Our mission is to allow all wishing people to get anonymous, safe and comfortable surfing on the network - this product is completely free.

What is Sphere?

This is a completely free solution provided to run in Portable format. The program is completely devoid of third-party connections to developer's servers, it can be started using encrypted disks or virtual machines.

How it works?

Sphere is a browser written with the help of Chromium sources with completely disabled tracking tools, which allows you to completely change the identity on the Internet in one click, getting protection from removing the most important and significant prints.

In addition, the browser uses a multi-thread proxy, which allows to work with different types of connections simultaneously (TOR, Socks, SSH, Tor + SSH). This indicates that you can use any of the required types of connections to ensure maximum anonymity.

What are personalities?

The new identity is an anonymous and unique configuration of the user on the Internet that cannot be associated with any other Web user. In order to achieve full anonymity, the browser generates and modifies the following parameters in a random way:

- Applies the title of a popular and up-to-date browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, IE)

- Replaces popular prints: Canvas, Fonts, Audiofingerprint, ClientRects, Plugins

- Disables the ability to identify using WebGL

- Closes the leakage of real IP via WebRTC

- Disallows the definition of Geolocation

What is it for?

Thanks to Sphere, you no longer need to perform a huge amount of actions related to setting up the system to ensure your own security on the network - just download a free program and get started.

We dream of a free Internet, in which everyone has the right to vote without fear for their own safety. We make every effort to ensure that you get a comfortable, safe and understandable browser for daily use.

We invite you to try the new program: https://sphere.tenebris.cc/


All questions and wishes for developers you can ask in this topic, which is the main topic for discussion of the program, or in telegram chat: https://t.me/thesphereeng


Sphere Browser Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0OqVmOUM0A


If you wish, you can always purchase a paid version of Linken Sphere. You just need to register https://ls.tenebris.cc/registration?promocode=LS_V3BYR7XGSEY6 with a promo code LS_V3BYR7XGSEY6, followed by a 5% discount on the subscription.


We remind you that in case of questions or requests we are always glad to hear from you on the following contacts:


Telegram: @Gor510
E-mail: sales@linken-sphere.info
Jabber: sales.linkensphere@exploit.im

Edited by Gor510

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Greetings, friends! 

We recommend getting an update to all users using the free version of the browser The Sphere to version 1.3 


We listen attentively to the wishes expressed in chats and themes devoted to our developments with the goal of creating products that best meet the high expectations of the people using them. Our team is grateful to all users for feedback and ideas on further improving your favorite work tools! 

In this version, a number of bugs have been fixed, and several improvements have been made to improve the quality of the program's use - a short list of fixes is available in the changelog. 


Previously, the only available interface language was English. We have done a great job - now meet The Sphere in the five most popular world languages: English, German, Chinese, Spanish and Russian 

Surf anonymously, safely and comfortably, being in their native language environment 

Short Changer: 

- updated TOR to version

- Fixed bug with mass deleting cookies

- Added changes to cookies in connection with amendments to euro legislation

- Added hotkeys in the tools menu

- installed its own fake detector as anonymity checker by default

- Added: Warning when deleting bookmarks

- Added: Ability to disable uploading images for a particular person

- Added: Readable display of headers with a large number of tabs

- Added: Multilanguage support

- Fixed: Problem with cleaning Clear session session cookies

- Fixed: Current minor bugs

- Fixed bug with inability to save the parameter Use dynamic fingerprint

- Added option Use GPU OpenGL (allows you to use the real resources of the video card to increase performance and speed, it also helps with problems with built-in graphics cards Intel)

- Added import and export of bookmarks

- Added option "Temporary session". When this option is activated, the cookies and localStorage are not saved, and the session is terminated when the browser exits


To obtain the updated version, you must download it from the official website: https://sphere.tenebris.cc/ 

We recommend that you join the telegram of the users of The Sphere to receive prompt replies from the developer: @thesphere 

We wish you safe and anonymous surfing

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We are often asked: what is the difference between private configurations and pre-installed configurations? 

For starters, the configuration includes a useragent, WebGL settings, JS Navigator, HTTP headers, Fonts, Plugins, Audio, etc. 

The pre-installed configurations are about 60,000 and they are available to all Linken Sphere users, there are 100,000 of them in the shop and sold in one hand in PRO and Premium tariffs. 


Users using licenses of PRO and Premium types have access to the ready-made configshop. The configuration is a snapshot of a real person's device with a full list of the data needed for emulation and is sold only in one hand, which greatly enhances the convenience and quality of setting up new sessions. In most cases, after you download the config, you do not need to make any changes to the configuration. Also, the configs in the store are updated more often, they are better sorted and you can specify a more accurate configuration with the help of filters when buying. Plus there are free useragents. 

Attention! You can go into the configshop through only the Linken Sphere browser! 

UA can be changed if desired, in the sphere, the possibility of UA change in configs is added, i.e. if earlier, when changing UA, all the prints were discarded, now you can change UA without resetting them. To do this, uncheck Regenerate configure after useragent change. 


Cost: Light $100/month (PRO $500/6 months + configshop, Premium $900/12 months + configshop + priority service ($3/config))  

In the week-long test, there is no access to the configshop file by default. Therefore, as a trial step, anyone wishing to use the configshop, who registered here https://ls.tenebris.cc/registration?promocode=LS_V3BYR7XGSEY6 with a promo code LS_V3BYR7XGSEY6, can provide this opportunity. To do this, after registration, you need to send your login here to @Gor510 with a request to connect to the configshop and you will be connected to the shop for several days during the test period.  

There is a discount system for configs purchases: after 1000 there will be 2.5$ for the config, after 3000 - 2$ for the config, after 5000 - 1.5$ for the config. 

Telegram: @Gor510
E-mail: sales@linken-sphere.info
Jabber: sales.linkensphere@exploit.im

Edited by Gor510

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Today we would like to present an updated version of the innovative fake detector: Fake Vision v1.1 (beta)!

By your numerous requests, we revised the functionality of the start page, which now allows you to get the basic parameters of the browser and IP without going to advanced tests - from now on, in order to see the parameters of ip, useragent, system, time, position, language and system hashes it's enough to just load the detector. 


Many users noted a long wait time at the start of extended tests. This expectation is technically due to the large number of network connection checks that we conduct in order to maximally objectively assess the possibility of a fake-port scanning, DNS, Nmap and blacklist scanning. Nevertheless, we recognized the need to speed up this process and made important changes in order to maximize the optimization of the loading of the extended testing page. In addition, the algorithm for loading the page has been changed. If it was necessary to wait for the testing to take place, watching the black screen with the loader, now the download is instantaneous after pressing the advanced testing button - network processes occur in the background, which the user is notified by the corresponding loader in the "IP" field. This will allow you to learn the basic information associated with the configuration of the browser and the connection during the execution of tests that require additional time. 


In addition to the changes we've made, we have worked on fixing the problems associated with the layout and significantly accelerated the speed of page loading due to optimization and the abandonment of the animated background. Also, based on the most relevant studies of known AF systems, the mechanisms for determining possible fake browsers were corrected and improved. 

Short Changer: 

- Added: the functionality of rapid display of basic information - basic characteristics without any screening tests. This test is placed on the main screen and after it is possible to pass extended testing

- Added: asynchronous work of long and complex tests, the tabs that are still being tested are marked with loaders and after the work is finished update the overall result for IP

- Added: HSTS print (For verification use the HTTP protocol)

- Added: information parameter - ISP (provider)

- Added: a powerful salt detection test in canvas (fake canvas)

- Added: adapted layout for mobile devices

- Added: new tests for the substitution of WebRTC

- Added: new tests for the substitution WebGL

- Fixed: bugs when determining OS and user agent for mobile devices - (iOS and Android)

- Fixed: errors in layout

- Fixed: errors in the operation of the WebRTC detectors, including substitutions from various antidetects

- Fixed: bugs in the operation of WebGL detectors, including spoofing from various antidetects

- Fixed: errors when working with IE

- Fixed: errors when working with tests for determining cancellation Canvas

- Fixed: language and OS comparison errors for passive TCP-scan of IP address

- Fixed: errors of animation counters on some mobile devices

- Updated: the work of determining the falseness of the browser has been improved, some new features have been taken into account

- Updated: definition of timezone

- Updated: checking of the visible area (viewport) and the screen is strengthened

- Updated: language check improved

- Updated: user agent, which corrects incorrect detection of new browsers

- Updated: speed of loading of pages is accelerated


Fake Vision is the most anonymous and safe fake detector that does not transfer your data to third parties, which unlike most analogs allows you to remain invisible to AF systems after visiting it. 

We remind you that the service is public and completely free. 

Official address of the detector: http://f.vision 

We continue to work to further improve the product and wish you productive use. 

If you have any questions, suggestions or suggestions, we are always glad to hear each of the users on the specified contacts:

Telegram: @Gor510@fakevision (Telegram-group)

Jabber: sales.linkensphere@exploit.im

E-mail: sales@linken-sphere.info

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Be careful scammers!  

Antidetect Linken Sphere browser has existed since July 2017 and has already become popular on the web. What began to use the unclean persons.

Here are a few rules to not fall for their tricks:

1.    Purchase of a browser is possible only on the official website https://ls.tenebris.cc/. Billing and uploading software - everything is automatically in your account (payment in bitcoin, other payment methods are discussed individually with the developer)

 2.    The only true developer contacts:

Jabber: dev.tenebris@jabber.calyxinstitute.org
Telegram: @devtnbrs, @spherechateng, @spherechat (Telegram-groups)

3.    Pay attention to the scammer in telegram:  

Developer’s telegram:  


Scammer’s telegram:  


You may notice that it does not have a uid, and @devtnbrs is written in the description. If you are not sure: if the developer is having a dialogue, go to the messages with the developer through uid in the description of this chat @spherechat:  


I hope this post will be useful to you. In case of questions you can write to these contacts: 

Addsite: linken-sphere.info

Telegram: @Gor510
E-mail: sales@linken-sphere.info
Jabber: sales.linkensphere@exploit.im


Promo code for a 5% discount - LS_V3BYR7XGSEY6 (at registration https://ls.tenebris.cc/registration?promocode=LS_V3BYR7XGSEY6)

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Friends, today we are glad to welcome you with wonderful news!

The ability to bypass the most complex checks of anti-fraud systems is a key necessity for products that are aimed at working with multi-account, anonymity and protection. AF-systems do not stand still, constantly improving all possible ways of revealing substitutions - from quite banal, but from no less effective, to really complex and interesting. We are committed to ensuring that Linken Sphere proudly bears the title of the most high-quality, convenient, friendly and functional antidetect in the world. Most of the latest updates have been globally aimed at improving the user experience, and only minor edits have concerned the most important part of your favorite browser.

At the time of the creation of the product, which took already a year and a half (oh, how time flies ..), we put the most advanced at that time ideas and knowledge in the implementation of the highest quality substitution. We studied competitors and AF-systems under a microscope, spent sleepless nights testing and fine-tuning all the necessary and most important mechanisms. The accumulated ideas turned out to be so much that we simply could not put them into the very first release, continuing to create updates with a frequency that any developer could even envy much less complicated software.

But the world does not stand still, and all the best must go with the times. A constant analysis of the progress of anti-fraud led us to the conclusion that the old developments are losing their relevance, and their refinement will no longer yield the necessary effect. As a result, for several months we worked hard to create a tool for circumventing the anti-fraud of a completely new level, and now we are at the finish line. The newest anti-fraud bypass system is built taking into account all the requirements for successful work with grand AF-systems, including Google, Facebook, PayPal, Amazon and Ebay.

We did not just finish the built-in Anti-Detect - we created it from scratch, taking into account all our experience, working on bugs and research experience. Meet - Linken Sphere 7.91a beta!


In this release, you will not see the usual change log - it is truly huge and worthy to decorate with version 7.9, which we can confidently call stable.

Now we offer everyone to try out the latest beta-version of the program, available under Windows and MacOS. This beta can contain certain bugs and problems (not related to the network) that will be quickly corrected, but we are sure that the result of using it will meet the most bold expectations.

To download the latest beta-version of the program you can click on the link:
https://dropmefiles.com/0ePdZ (In the archive version under Windows and MacOS, you can download separately)


In case of detection of problems or if you have any wishes, please contact us at the indicated contacts:


Telegram: @Gor510
E-mail: sales@linken-sphere.info
Jabber: sales.linkensphere@exploit.im


Promo code for a 5% discount - LS_V3BYR7XGSEY6 (at registration https://ls.tenebris.cc/registration?promocode=LS_V3BYR7XGSEY6)

Edited by Gor510

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Solving possible problems when launching a free browser for anonymity The Sphere (portable, registration is not required) - https://sphere.tenebris.cc
If you get an error when running Sphere (for example, the absence of VCRUNTIME140.dll), try using the installer tools/vcredistx64.exe in the program folder
If he writes "Testing Tor Connection, please wait" and does not go further, then put the check [V] Edit -> Preferences -> Use OpenGL GPU and restart the browser

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Greetings, good news, friends!  


As you know, high-quality and clean socks are a matter of prime necessity for all people whose main activity is working on the Web - traffic arbitration is no exception. From your feedback, we are well aware that you are working with a huge number of solutions - from fairly public to private and expensive. You praise some of these options, doubt others, but you never stop looking for something new and better.  

However, the threshold for entering some services is high enough for experiments - for example, Luminati. This is a wonderful service with a huge constantly updated database of socks, which is quite famous and popular among our users. But we are sure that due to the threshold of entering $500, not everyone has experience with these connections, so we have talked seriously with some people from this company in order to make our users a wonderful offer:  


Details here: https://goo.gl/RQx7e2 

We wish you a productive and high-quality work.


AddSite: linken-sphere.info

Contact JID: sales@linken-sphere.info

Telegram: @Gor510 / @devtenebriseng (Telegram-channel), @spherechateng (Telegram-group)

E-mail: sales@linken-sphere.info


Promo code for a 5% discount - LS_V3BYR7XGSEY6 (at registration https://ls.tenebris.cc/registration?promocode=LS_V3BYR7XGSEY6)

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We are always very attentive to your requests and wishes, therefore we have done a great job for all people who prefer an alternative to Windows and MacOS.


Meet - The Sphere 1.3 and Linken Sphere 7.81 for Linux!




We have done our best to preserve the enormous capabilities of the programs and to achieve their high-quality work on the following systems:
- Ubuntu
- Linux Mint
- Kali Linux
- Gentoo (Calculate Linux)
- Fedora
- Debian
- OpenSUSE
- Slackware
- Mageia
- PCLinux
- Kubuntu



In case of problems, questions or requests, we are always glad to hear from you on the indicated contacts:


AddSite: http://linken-sphere.info/index2.html

Contact JID: sales@linken-sphere.info

Telegram: @Gor510 / @devtenebriseng (Telegram-channel), @spherechateng (Telegram-group)

E-mail: sales@linken-sphere.info


Promo code for a 5% discount - LS_V3BYR7XGSEY6 (at registration https://ls.tenebris.cc/registration?promocode=LS_V3BYR7XGSEY6)

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Friends, on October 22-23, we were busy moving websites to more powerful servers in order to improve the stability and quality of their work. We did our best to make this process as smooth and comfortable for each of the users as possible, taking into account the work in runtime mode. We want to assume that it was possible. We thank you for the understanding shown in connection with the temporary unavailability of personal accounts and the config shop, and we are pleased to announce that the full functionality of the usual functionality and all related sites has been restored. In order to compensate for possible problems and inconveniences, we add a week of use for all active users of the program. 

We continue to support older versions of the software in order to ensure you the maximum freedom of choice - at the moment all users using older versions can continue to work as usual. 

In addition, we want to inform you that the hacked versions of the software stop their work. Anyone who has used a crack, we propose to go to our side - we have cookies ;) 

We wish you a pleasant, successful and stable work - we make every effort for this every day. Thank you for being with us! 

Promo Site: http://linken-sphere.info/index2.html

Contact JID: sales@linken-sphere.info

Telegram: @Gor510 / @devtenebriseng (Telegram-channel), @spherechateng (Telegram-group)

E-mail: sales@linken-sphere.info 

Promo code for a 5% discount - LS_V3BYR7XGSEY6 (at registration https://ls.tenebris.cc/registration?promocode=LS_V3BYR7XGSEY6)

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Today we will talk about sore: ban and unban accounts on Facebook.

Plus, a contest for 3 Light licenses for Linken Sphere! 


Details here: https://goo.gl/cfokLk


Promo Site: http://linken-sphere.info/index2.html

Contact JID: sales@linken-sphere.info

Telegram: @Gor510 / @devtenebriseng (Telegram-channel), @spherechateng (Telegram-group)

E-mail: sales@linken-sphere.info 

Promo code for a 5% discount - LS_V3BYR7XGSEY6 (at registration https://ls.tenebris.cc/registration?promocode=LS_V3BYR7XGSEY6) 

P.S. The main site https://ls.tenebris.cc/ has become multilingual: German, Spanish and Chinese have been added to Russian and English 


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Friends, a wonderful event will take place very soon in St. Petersburg - the fourth annual conference on advertising in social networks, traffic and CPA - this conference has long won the attention and appreciation of a huge part of the audience connected with affiliate partnership on the Internet, attracting creative, efficient and experienced audience people. 

IGCONF2018 will be held at the Crowne Plaza on November 30! 

The program has everything you need for quality and sensible leisure: 

- Great atmosphere

- Famous and experienced speakers

- All about traffic monetization in social networks

- Networking with representatives of top CPA, SMM services and market leaders

- Speeches by the management of social networks, famous bloggers

- Business promotion and personal account development from A to Z 

We appreciate our users and know for sure that many of you would like to spend time in the company of successful like-minded people in order to share knowledge and acquire them, so for all users of the Tenebris team we give a promotional code for a discount of 11%: "LINKENSPHERE". Use the code in order to get the opportunity to purchase tickets for this, of course, bright event! 

Linken Sphere is the platinum sponsor of IGCONF2018 and the main partner of Afterparty, where you can taste the signature Sphere-cocktail and try your luck in our casino! 

Representatives of our team will be sincerely glad to see you, for which we are preparing interesting and useful contests and a lot of other great things, including your own stand with representatives of the product, which you can ask questions of interest, the performance of top arbitrageurs on using Linken Sphere: 


And in order to tune in to the upcoming event, we offer to see how it was in 2017: 


Have fun and have a good time, see you on IGCONF2018!

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This happens only once a year! Friends, we are pleased to announce a week of crazy discounts on licenses for Black Friday - only three days in order to significantly save money when you buy Light, PRO and Premium licenses. You do not need to perform any additional actions - simply purchase or renew a license at a 25% discount in automatic mode on the official website with promo code LS_V3BYR7XGSEY6, followed by an additional 5% discount: https://ls.tenebris.cc/registration?promocode=LS_V3BYR7XGSEY6

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Friends! OctoTracker is a professional functional tracking platform for traffic arbitrage.

A rich set of universal tools and unique functions, as well as friendly technical support, makes this tool an indispensable element in managing traffic flows and generating those most profitable bundles. 


At your service are two TDS systems for maximum traffic control, an impressive set of flexible filters, the ability to pass moderation without redirection, and duplication of the Postback, which allows to bring optimization to a new level. 

Add to this powerful analytics on 20+ cuts, high speed of processing clicks and fast report generation, as well as integration with most popular traffic sources and affiliate programs not only in the CIS, but in the world. 

Register at this link http://octotracker.com/linkensphere, enter the promo code LINKENSPHERE and receive a month as a gift when you first pay. 

Project website: http://octotracker.com/ 

The action is relevant for new users of the tracker. 

Get cashback to Linken Sphere balance: 20% for self-hosted tracker and 10% for cloud tracker 

To get into the private tg chat OctoTracker - write on @devtnbrs 

For a quick start to work with the tracker, we recommend reading the manual:

1. Adding a source, PP and creating a campaign - https://vk.com/@octotracker-dobavlenie-istochnika-pp-i-kampanii

2. Integration of the tracker with the prelend, setting up both TDS and generating the final link - https://vk.com/@octotracker-integraciya-trekera-s-prelendom-nastroika-obeih-tds 

Try a great tool right now! Have a good job!


Promo code for 5% discount - LS_V3BYR7XGSEY6 at registration https://ls.tenebris.cc/registration?promocode=LS_V3BYR7XGSEY6

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Linken Sphere: Frequently Asked Questions.


Import configs from configshop. How to work with 911 proxy? Answers to the most popular questions in chat rooms.


One of the frequently asked questions is to import configs from a configshop. To do this is very simple:


1. It is necessary to log in to your personal account on the site, namely via Linken Sphere browser. Login authorization in Linken Sphere must match the login entered on the site.


The version of Linken Sphere must be at least 7.3 (you can see the version in Help->About/Menu->About)


2. Purchased configs are in your account, in the "My Configs" section.


3. After clicking on the "airplane" you will see the sending process. If everything is done correctly, you can find the sent configs as sessions in the Menu->Session manager.


What to do if sending does not occur from the site?


If there is no sending, create a session with any Socks5, and from it go to the configshop.


Transfer session between accounts


In order to export the session to another account, you need to go to:


Menu->Session manager->select the desired session->export selected items




In the window that opens, specify the login to transfer.


The host imports the session via:


Menu->Shared session->import


In order for the import to work, 1 any session must be created.


911 tuning


1. Go to the Settings tab. At the bottom of the 3 options, select the right Other Proxy Tools.


2. On the left is the range of ports, put 20001-20050, and click Save.


3. Go to the ProxyList tab and use the filters to get the proxy list.


4. Right mouse button on the desired socks->Forward to Port->20001(Free), for one more ->20002(Free) and so on.


5. At the bottom left, click ForwardPortList. See the list in which the proxies that you have already chosen to be proxied and free are marked.


For example:


6. In Linken Sphere, create a connection through Socks5, without a login and password.


Be sure to put CustomDNS, you can find the DNS for the country of the proxy on https://public-dns.info.


7. If you want to use the proxy again, then go to the TodayList tab, right-click on the proxy and follow Connect. For this, you need LinkenSphere.exe from the program folder to be in Programs. In the sphere, in order to connect with this proxy, we create a Socks5 connection and a port from the ip-address from the client 911, usually looks like this: In the sphere, we indicate


What to do on the MAC with the problem Something went wrong ... at the entrance?


1. Go to the terminal (in the upper right corner, there is a magnifying glass icon, this is Spotlight, click on it and write terminal)




2. Enter the command to find out the names of network connections:




At 99% it will be Wi-Fi or Ethernet


3. Knowing, for example, that this is Wi-fi:


sudo networksetup-setv60ff"Wi-Fi"


Enter the account password, and you're done.


Regarding the change of prints when using the same session on different PC hardware:


Imprints depend on hardware — if the hardware is different in the transfer, then the final prints will be different.


Fingerprints are not included in the config, they are generated when creating a session.


Canvas, Audio, ClientRects - are not included in the config, but generated.


WebGL, Fonts, Plugins - enter the config.


If you want the same prints to be transferred, there are 3 options:


1. Use the same virtual machines.


2. In one of the versions, the ability to work on the server at the same time was added (there are still certain settings with Tor). Accordingly, if work on the same server through RDP, then the iron will be the same, as well as fingerprints during the transfer.


3. Party computers with identical hardware. Option purely individual)


If you have any questions you would like to ask, you can ask them here @tenebristeam. We are happy to answer them)


Site: https://linken-sphere.info

Telegram: @Gor510

Jabber: sales.linkensphere@exploit.im


Linken Sphere promo code for a permanent 5% discount - LS_V3BYR7XGSEY6 upon registration https://ls.tenebris.cc/registration?promocode=LS_V3BYR7XGSEY6

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What are Cookies? What are they used for? How to import them? 

Today we will tell you about magic cookies, or simply Cookies. For a start, we need to figure out what it is? 

What is a Cookie? 

A Cookie is a small piece of data sent by a web server and stored on a client PC. 

Cookies are used for: user authentication, storing personal settings, tracking session status, entering user statistics, connection information. 

The main task of a cookie is to store information about the user's sessions, which is used to identify it. 

Cookies contain all requests belonging to a particular session. 

The browser, when trying to open the page of the corresponding site, sends this data fragment (cookie) to the web server as part of an HTTP request. 

HTTP is a stateless protocol, the web site needs to use user authentication in every request. Every time a user visits a new page of the site, the browser sends cookies back to the server. By identifying sessions, the server generates valid user-specific data. 

Cookies, use several HTTP requests throughout the session, ensuring the preservation of data. 

What kind of cookies do they have? 

Set-Cookie: NAME=VALUE; expires=DATE; path=PATH; domain=DOMAIN_NAME; secure 

Set-Cookie is the command with which the server sends a request to the browser to save cookies; 

NAME=VALUE - a string of characters, excluding line breaks, commas and spaces. NAME cookie name, VALUE - value; 

Expires=DATE - cookie storage time, the date after which the cookie expires; 

Path=PATH - the path that defines the exchange of data; 

Domain=DOMAIN_NAME is the domain for which the cookie value is valid. This command informs the browser that cookies should be sent to the server for this domain and path; 

Secure - this attribute indicates that the cookie information is sent only via HTTPS (HTTP using SSL), the HttpOnly attribute also exists, which informs the browser that JavaScript cannot be used to access cookie, they can only be accessed via HTTP or HTTPS. 

How to work with them? 

Importing cookies into the browser is very simple: 

Menu->Cookie import




In the window that appears, you need to select the session into which the Cookies themselves will be loaded, and then specify the path to them. 

Sphere and Linken Sphere support Netscape and Json Cookies. 

If you have another format of Cookies, you need to convert them to the desired format. 

The script to convert - https://jsfiddle.net/e66azngd/97


Site: https://linken-sphere.info

Telegram: @Gor510

E-mail: sales@linken-sphere.info


Linken Sphere promo code for a permanent 5% discount - LS_V3BYR7XGSEY6 upon registration https://ls.tenebris.cc/registration?promocode=LS_V3BYR7XGSEY6

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Friends, we have worked hard for many months to present you with a completely updated browser antidetect mechanism and give access to new features that will significantly improve the quality and effectiveness of your work. In addition, we do not forget about the need to improve functionality and usability. We worked hard to present the most powerful and functional release of the entire Sphere existence. As a result - tens of thousands of lines of revised code, a huge number of testing and beta versions, and now we present you the most current and perfect version of the product - Linken Sphere 7.99 (Release Candidate).




More details about the changes here - @devtenebriseng (Telegram-channel)


Site: https://linken-sphere.info

Telegram: @Gor510 / @devtenebriseng (Telegram-channel), @spherechateng (Telegram-group)

E-mail: sales@linken-sphere.info


Linken Sphere promo code for a permanent 5% discount - LS_V3BYR7XGSEY6 upon registration https://ls.tenebris.cc/registration?promocode=LS_V3BYR7XGSEY6

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The built-in configs database has been updated, and in the configshop too, 30,000 new configurations have been added


Site: https://linken-sphere.info

Telegram: @Gor510 / @devtenebriseng (Telegram-channel), @spherechateng (Telegram-group)

E-mail: sales@linken-sphere.info


Linken Sphere promo code for a permanent 5% discount - LS_V3BYR7XGSEY6 upon registration https://ls.tenebris.cc/registration?promocode=LS_V3BYR7XGSEY6

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