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How to crack effective way - hard slow sites

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First of all use alive  proxys to access site you wanna try example



Add add some settings


- Bot relaunch and time out as you  prefer ,slow is good hard sites.

- site will not  ban you proxy so quick, cause not feel like attacked if slower bot relaunch.

So  you will have decent speed hard sites and less banned  proxy's



Also  work's  many sites and you  proxy' s not go banned so soon.

More setting might be useful too.


-Proxy tries only 10 times then sleep until all proxy's is less than 100 left,  they will reactive after 1 min to brute again.

that way proxy alive not ban  and will not try too many times in short period of time.

- Some sites ban proxy even 3 or 5 tries so add settings  depends the site , the example site I use  10 tries.

Slow sites are slow ,but settings might help you brute anyway longer period of time.

Part 2

If the site is slow and hard to crack,  dont add just some random combo list

- use good small combo list which you  maybe had hits b4 some porn sites. or themed list

[many members use  same user-pass combo multiple sites]

- Its waste of time if you load 1Million random combo's  those sites are slow or hard to crack anyway.

Good luck 4cracking









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thanks @w00f for the tutorial, I just want ask, for this kind of sites, how many bots do you recommend to use?

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that mostly depends the site like there is mention some allow 3 tryes or more some maybe 50 and , very much depends site. only checking you proxylist running in site mostly you see there how many tries they did b4 ban.

you can look you current proxylist site u running and see how many tries some proxy did b4 go ban.

so add setting below that


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thanks wOOf.nice info and something to keep in mind.faster isnt always better.cheers.

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