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Dictionary Maker 9-11-18

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great for


very fast and can make Hufge files

Word List Compiler is a tool to compose dictionaries (word lists) for password recovery using multiple source text files. Dictionary Maker extracts all words from source text files and put them into output dictionary. Any duplications are eliminated. Program is optimized for speed and could be used to compose really big dictionaries. Composed dictionary could be used for password recovery.

Word List Compiler is a free program that allows to build custom dictionaries from any text files. Word List Compiler is well optimized and able to handle huge source files. For example, it takes only 15 minutes to parse huge 30 Gb source file and build a dictionary that contains over 11 million words.

Word List Compiler can be installed on any Windows computer, 2+ Gb RAM is recommended.

Word List Compiler supports major European languages, so you can build international dictionaries using Word List Compiler.

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