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Testimonial by Mimic

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Hey guys, I haven't been here as long as others but i'll share a few key things about my experience thus far.

1. The community is very friendly, co-operative and very willing to lend a helping hand. That's hard to find with other forums and this stuck out to me almost right away.

2. The Staff are very approachable and reasonable, which I think is very important to have in a forum. You never feel threatened or that there is a disconnect between leaders and yourself as they're very open and friendly.

3. The RR section is DEFINITELY worth a purchase. I don't even bother check the other sections anymore because I know i'll most likely be able to get it on RR and it will be quite exclusive. The RR section, and the forum as a whole, is moderated quite well and regularly cleaned up from dead/expired accounts. The requests section is filled quite regularly as well, very timely and there are a lot of HQ passes in this section.

4. The SB section also hosts an array of very premium passes, serials and configs. Although, I do find the section isn't updated as regularly as i'd have hoped, I understand that it's reserved for only the best accounts/configs... so if you do happen to come across something there, you know it's golden. In saying that though, it'd be nice if it was updated more frequently, but I mainly use it for HQ configs and the occasional HQ Private account. If SB is pricey, the RR account is definitely worth the upgrade.


That's what came to mind at the time of writing this thread.




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