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Blaze Cracker (40+ modules)

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{sorry if this has already been posted.. I didn't see it but it could still be on here somewhere)

Cracks many sites. I found it on some forum so scan it and run it in a sandboxie or vmware or whatever. 

Here's a picture of the main screen which shows the sites it cracks.




1. Unzip
2. open up "elements" folder, and put your combos into the combos.txt and your proxies into proxies.txt. Some sites are proxyless but some you will need proxies. 

3. run blaze and pick a site from the menu, select proxy type, and theads. 

4. results saved in results folder

Virus total:

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23 hours ago, DjKaRl1414 said:

ok  i hope  its good tool  no viruses   thanks 

Bro when I say run it in a vmware or sandboxie I mean that's how I run it, that's what I recommend all others to use. 

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