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Testimonial by JunooN

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With immense pleasure, I'm hereby writing my testimonial for arguably the most awesome crackingforum ever, Nethingoez.

To be honest, I didn't purchase the prestigious Redrope of NTG rather I was gifted RR last month by @julianas I was able to assist him in doing some work. So you guys can guess how exciting it is to be in NTG for even normal users who could get lucky overnight with their active participation in the community. We do have a lot of raffles orchestrated by senior staffs of the forum through which RR can be won.

Apart from this, if you guys wish to subscribe for a VIP membership to any crackingforums or if you are looking for one stop for all your needs then I feel you won't get anything better than what we have got here in NTG! I will explain the reason stepwise, please follow me here:-

  • Redrope of NTG has a variety of HQ premium accounts with dedicated sections of xxx, streaming, filehosts etc which are regularly updated with newer hits by NTG @Config Masta & @Contributor & others.
  • Apart from the premium accounts, NTG also has got a wide range of contents related to Appz, Games, Ebooks, Movies, you name it. Plenty of things to be had in Redrope Downloadz actually.
  • Working configs to HQ websites which are hard to crack, are posted in NTG Redrope from time to time. Dedicated config section for Senty, Blacbullet, Hitman, Vertex, Letsbruteit, Snipr, Storm etc. is present wherein you could choose from a pile of configs.
  • HQ combolists and proxies are posted for Redrope of NTG that returns with a lot of hits when loaded for cracking a website of respective genre. This can be found under the Redrope specials section of NTG.
  • Then comes the Friday Ultimate Toss which happens every Friday and loads of HQ premium accounts and paid stuff are tossed exclusively in RR Account Zone.
  • Above all, the Redrope request section is there which caters the need of valued RR members of NTG and the requests are filled within a very short time with fully private accounts for personal access.

Well, I wanted to write some more words in this testimonial of mine but I know that reading too much may not be the cup of tea of many as we don't have that much of patience all the time, especially when we are browsing the internet. Therefore, I would like to finish this by saying that you would have a grand experience once you become an NTG RR and internet would virtually be yours. 

Lastly, just like the NTG Redrope, which is truly awesome and full of life, the staff team of NTG is just the same replica of it. They are very much supportive and helpful when you need them the most. I am personally a big fan and supporter of Co-owner @Bonez who has helped me a lot in reaching where I am today in NTG, I was a normal member first and from his encouragement, I became a @Power User

And as I started with mentioning the generosity of the Owner @julian, I tried to do my bit with my on and off contributions in NTG Redrope in an attempt so say 'Thank you' to him for letting me experience the best possible Subscribed (VIP) section of a crackingforum for a month. And I would also urge you all would be Redrope to chip in with your efforts as well, not that you need to but your experience of RR would be even more joyful once you see yourself contributing as well, coz at the end of the day ''Sharing is Caring''


Thanks for reading!


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