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How to make $15- Per Refer IOS/ANDROID Legit

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Hey everyone, there's this app promotion going on which gives you $15 per refer. You can do this unlimited amount of time if you'd want to exploit it.

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Step one: Sign up with number

Step two: Make sure you have a valid CC/ Get one online for free

Step Three:Add The card to the account to make sure you get your $10 

Repeat process.

Note: If you're skeptic about adding your personal card. After you add the card and get your money, you can delete the card and the money will still be there. You can also use multi accounts with the same card.

Cashout is with paypal or bank of your choice.

Nationwide !!!!! Hurry before it eneds and please tell me if i break any rules because this app is only refer based and can be exploit too

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