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Free Crypto / Trading bot

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Currently if anyone is interested in some free crypto many exchanges offer different ways to get some. Coinbase which is a centralized exchange offers coinbase earn which is a program where you watch a video ( or a couple of seconds of it) and answer a question to get some crypto for free. 

Stellar is offering 50$ through the blockchain wallet https://www.blockchain.com/getcrypto

Coinbase offeres: 10$ BAT Tokens 40$ Stellar 10$ EOS 

Though these offers defeat the purpose on cryptocurrency which is to be anonymous free money is still free money. Remember there is only 0.003 BTC for everyone in the world and to be the top 1% all you need to have is 0.28 BTC Which is not much considering the potential that it has before FOMO hits and it goes to the moon. 

Bonus: Crypto trading bot 

BitUniverse is a portfolio manager that uses an API key to organize all the exchanges you have crypto invested in and offers NEWS/TRADING/FEESPAID/BOTTRADING and more

All you need to do is download the app on a smartphone an you could make 5-10% (depending on the market strength)  in a month to add to your crypto wealth. 

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i remember when someone hacked a trading bot and gained everyone's Binance API key and bought coins from a certain seller at a super inflated price in the market.

No such thing as a free lunch, never use free trading crypto bots.

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