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Earn FREE Bitcoins Daily with [Zero Investment]

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After sign, you will get 10$ BTC in your account. 

After that click on Financial platforms, then participate on each company, don't worry its free and no need to invest.

After that click on binary options, then invest your 10$ in each currency exchange (I suggest you to invest 1$ in each currency exchange). It means you can invest in 10 different currency exchanges.  

After doing that, just wait for 24 hours and visit site again, you will see your profit with your original amount (10$).

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Everything there looks like its a scam.

What i can see from my first 10 seconds after visit:

1. Stockimages from Themeforrest

2. No Company Info

3. Fake Socialmedia Buttons


After 3 seconds in google i found out there are two sites: O.itlinker.net and U.itlinker.net

Here  reviews by a antiscam blog:






First, many people have already get scammed by this website. They offered signup bonus to them. The bonus money offered is in dollars. The task they offer you are very easy like promoting the link, clicking on some links, data entry, etc. People who want to make money in short-cuts or people who have no proper knowledge on how to make money online they fall in this trap.

This kind of work in which referral link has to share on a different program is know as referral work. Referral is good and there is no illegality in it. The only problem is that in referral business commission is very low.


This site is offering a lucrative commission i.e. in dollars. While in legit sites commission on one referral range in cents.

The legitimate website which pays in real to their members never offer sign-up bonus and that is also with a bonus amount in dollars.

Second, no one has ever earned any penny from this site. The claims of making money on this site are bogus. Do not believe them because usage of fake testimonial is very common among scam sites.

Third, the owner information is not available. It means they are hiding their identity from us. This is the principal characteristics of the scam site. Therefore, do not believe in their promise.

Fourth, Links available on this site redirect the user to malware links. It affects your computer as well.

Fifth, the site uses its member’s information to sell to some third party or use it for some unscrupulous purpose. Therefore, it is always said that never share your information with any site about whom much information is not available.


End Note

Itlinker.Net is a scam. They are working to scam people. Please share this information with people near and dear to you. Such sites are working to scam people. The more people understand the modus operandi of scam sites the more aware they will become.


There are no sites that gives you free Bitcoin by clicking a reflink...

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