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official HOW TO PayPal/CC/WebMoney etc --> Bitcoins

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NTG can ONLY process payments in Bitcoins, Ehterum, BitcoinCash & USD PAX atm.

Very Soon We Are Giving Option Crad Payment with Autopromotion upon purchase. We are working hard.

But for now we can only do Bitcoins, soon we will have an auto shop like in this preview:



A lot of @Members lack the basic knowledge on how to exchange PayPal money for Bitcoins. Bitcoins is our ONLY  accepted payment method for VIP ( @Red Rope & @Shady Bastards ).

So what you need are 2 things.

1. A verified account on https://localbitcoins.com/

2. A Bitcoin wallet such as a soft wallet on https://blockchain.com


Visual Guide:




How to trade:

Sign into your Blockchain wallet up and sign in to your verified localbitcoins account:



Hope this helps!




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