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1 or 2 Gay dudes needed (Instructions listed)

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NTG seeks one or 2 gay - transsexual members for the following

First of, your sexuality means nothing to us, this is work (no you dont get paid) but here is a brief summary of why you are needed


We need you to be instantly accessible to me (for reasons I will explain in PM)

The recordings i need you to save, the recorder can be found at NTG or i can send it to you

The recordings need volume if available

The models you choose will be your choice

We prefer if they are "higher priced" models or "most sought after"

We do not mind if they are transsexual or gay as long are in that genre.

When your are on the cam site, audio needs to be enabled

A topic will be made for other gay or homosexual or transsexual fans to choose their desired model (request)

Recording will be saved under model names

Example james

If duplicate or secondary visit it will be saved as james_1, james_2 etc

Recordings will ONLY be for NTG. You will NOT distribute them/share or anything with them

Once recorded they belong to us

If you violate that we will terminate your services with us

We need a person that isn't afraid to take charge.

We want these dudes naked, no pocket fapping, we need cocks in the videos.

It needs to be at a full screen this is key for a good movie.

You can do this fuckin every day if you want to, all we ask is that the sessions are recorded in high def.

Full frontal male/transgender nudity. You enjoy the shit out of it and we will supply you with the top shelf cam model dudes.

Are you ready?

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