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150 Database Pdf Books - Direct Links For IDM

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This is a great source for learning about any database out there.

50 Tips and Tricks for MongoDB Developers.pdf 18-Aug-2011 08:06    5472k       
A Developer's Guide to Amazon SimpleDB.rar    19-Aug-2011 06:23    1788k       
A Developer's Guide to Data Modeling for S... 19-Aug-2011 04:41    2720k       
A Guide to SQL, 8 Edition.pdf                 18-Aug-2011 05:40    4128k       
Access-VBA.pdf                                18-Aug-2011 06:58   15820k       
Achieving Extreme Performance with Oracle ... 18-Aug-2011 06:39    6296k       
Adobe Dreamweaver CS4_ Webseiten programmi... 18-Aug-2011 07:12   55180k       
Baron Schwartz - High Performance MySQL_ O... 19-Aug-2011 04:32    4212k       
Beginning Database Design Solutions.rar       19-Aug-2011 22:15    6272k       
Beginning Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Admini... 19-Aug-2011 22:17   12340k       
Beginning Oracle Application Express 4.pdf    18-Aug-2011 12:50   76412k       
Beginning Oracle Application Express New e... 19-Aug-2011 22:22    8348k       
Brad's Sure Guide to SQL Server Maintenanc... 19-Aug-2011 11:01   10820k       
Building Integrated Business Intelligence ... 18-Aug-2011 10:53   20484k       
Business Intelligence with Microsoft Offic... 18-Aug-2011 07:13   20452k       
Cassandra High Performance Cookbook.pdf       18-Aug-2011 05:40    4832k       
Charles Bell - MySQL High Availability_ To... 19-Aug-2011 04:32    5456k       
Community-Built Databases_ Research and De... 18-Aug-2011 07:52    5348k       
Creating and Digitizing Language Corpora, ... 19-Aug-2011 20:08    2424k       
Creating and Digitizing Language Corpora, ... 19-Aug-2011 20:11    3104k       
Current Challenges in Patent Information R... 18-Aug-2011 10:44    6960k       
DBA Survivor_ Become a Rock Star DBA.rar      19-Aug-2011 13:14    2972k       
Data Analysis and Classification.pdf          18-Aug-2011 06:47    6668k       
Data Architecture_ From Zen to Reality.pdf    18-Aug-2011 10:57    5716k       
Data Mining with Microsoft SQL Server 2008... 19-Aug-2011 22:14    8764k       
Data Quality and High-Dimensional Data Ana... 19-Aug-2011 19:06    1768k       
Database Design_ Know It All.rar              19-Aug-2011 06:20    3792k       
Database Systems_ Design, Implementation, ... 18-Aug-2011 06:42   23224k       
Database Systems_ Design, Implementation, ... 18-Aug-2011 06:19   54736k       
Database Technologies_ Concepts, Methodolo... 19-Aug-2011 22:06   30088k       
Database Theory and Application, Bio-Scien... 19-Aug-2011 04:45   10424k       
Databases and Information Systems VI.pdf      18-Aug-2011 08:03    8956k       
Developing High Quality Data Models .pdf      18-Aug-2011 05:40    2324k       
Dissecting SQL Server Execution Plans.rar     19-Aug-2011 22:11    6572k       
Dreamweaver CS3 _ Styles CSS, Composants S... 19-Aug-2011 05:01   38700k       
Einfuehrung in SQL 2 Edition.rar              19-Aug-2011 12:41    6312k       
Essential SQL on SQL Server 2008.rar          19-Aug-2011 13:08    6072k       
Essential SQLAlchemy.rar                      19-Aug-2011 04:43    2316k       
Exchange 2010 - A Practical Approach.rar      19-Aug-2011 10:57   11024k       
Expert Oracle Application Express.pdf         18-Aug-2011 06:55   16168k       
Expert Oracle Database Architecture_ Oracl... 19-Aug-2011 11:42    4544k       
Expert PL_SQL Practices_ for Oracle Develo... 18-Aug-2011 06:20    6696k       
Expert SQL Server 2005 Integration Service... 18-Aug-2011 06:40   31516k       
Flex & Bison.rar                              19-Aug-2011 22:03    2872k       
HP Training Certification Latest Dumps fro... 19-Aug-2011 06:23   58280k       
Hadoop_ The Definitive Guide.rar              19-Aug-2011 06:26    6204k       
High Performance MySQL_ Optimierung, Daten... 19-Aug-2011 04:38    3232k       
High Performance Parallel Database Process... 19-Aug-2011 11:51    2436k       
How to Become an Exceptional DBA.rar          19-Aug-2011 05:02   11436k       
How to Cheat at Securing SQL Server 2005.rar  19-Aug-2011 05:51   10480k       
In-Memory Data Management_ An Inflection P... 19-Aug-2011 04:30    3692k       
Information Storage and Management_ Storin... 19-Aug-2011 12:43   15544k       
Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008 T-SQL Que... 19-Aug-2011 14:10    3792k       
Inside Symbian SQL_ A Mobile Developer's G... 19-Aug-2011 12:45    1192k       
Introduction to Databases_ From Biological... 19-Aug-2011 14:21    6124k       
Joe Celko's SQL for Smarties, Fourth Editi... 18-Aug-2011 11:06   18368k       
Joe Celko's Thinking in Sets_ Auxiliary, T... 19-Aug-2011 05:43    1340k       
Keyword Search in Databases (Synthesis Lec... 19-Aug-2011 06:09    1176k       
Knowledge Discovery Practices and Emerging... 19-Aug-2011 04:54    6128k       
Learning SQL.rar                              19-Aug-2011 14:51    1204k       
MCITP SQL Server 2005 Database Developer A... 19-Aug-2011 11:34   22000k       
Managing Time in Relational Databases_ How... 19-Aug-2011 11:44    3440k       
Mastering SQL Server 2005 Reporting Servic... 18-Aug-2011 17:07   11764k       
Microsoft Access 2007-Programmierung_ Effe... 18-Aug-2011 06:50   23568k       
Microsoft Access 2010 VBA Programming Insi... 18-Aug-2011 06:36   36656k       
Microsoft Data Protection Manager 2010.pdf    18-Aug-2011 07:05    9708k       
Microsoft SQL Azure Enterprise Application... 19-Aug-2011 05:16   12508k       
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Administration w... 19-Aug-2011 22:09    7956k       
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Bible.pdf           19-Aug-2011 14:09   46256k       
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 High Availabilit... 19-Aug-2011 04:51   10448k       
[CMP] Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Master Data S... 18-Aug-2011 05:40    2768k       
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Unleashed.rar    19-Aug-2011 06:06   40140k       
Microsoft® SQL Server 2008 R2 Analytics &... 18-Aug-2011 07:08   23232k       
Murach's ADO.NET 3.5 LINQ and the Entity F... 19-Aug-2011 13:01   78600k       
My SQL.rar                                    19-Aug-2011 11:52    1064k       
MySQL Admin Cookbook.pdf                      18-Aug-2011 06:57   11428k       
MySQL Administrator's Bible.rar               19-Aug-2011 11:35   14944k       
MySQL High Availability_ Tools for Buildin... 19-Aug-2011 11:49   10616k       
MySQL.rar                                     18-Aug-2011 10:55   17208k       
NHibernate 2.x Beginner's Guide.PDF           19-Aug-2011 05:37    6120k       
OCA_ Oracle Database 11g Administrator Cer... 19-Aug-2011 11:56   10856k       
Optimization Based Data Mining_ Theory and... 18-Aug-2011 07:56    3640k       
Oracle 11g R1_R2 Real Application Clusters... 18-Aug-2011 07:00   14200k       
Oracle 11g Streams Implementer's Guide.pdf    18-Aug-2011 07:14    7584k       
Oracle Business Intelligence_ The Condense... 18-Aug-2011 07:39   10072k       
Oracle Database Administration for Microso... 18-Aug-2011 05:40    5968k       
Oracle PL_SQL Programming.rar                 19-Aug-2011 14:50   11052k       
Oracle Sql Developer 2.1                      19-Aug-2011 14:15   10944k       
Oracle Streams 11g Data Replication.pdf       18-Aug-2011 06:38    7368k       
Oracle Warehouse Builder 11g R2_ Getting S... 18-Aug-2011 07:16   10864k       
PHP & MySQL Web Development All-in-One Des... 18-Aug-2011 07:45   10848k       
PHP & MySQL et CSS.rar                        19-Aug-2011 11:13   20100k       
PHP 5_ Cours et exercices, 2nd Edition.rar    19-Aug-2011 14:33    5344k       
PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Web Sites_ Visua... 18-Aug-2011 10:50   55896k       
Pentaho Data Integration 4 Cookbook.rar       18-Aug-2011 06:44    4000k       
Perl by Example.rar                           19-Aug-2011 05:57   11168k       
PostGIS in Action.pdf                         18-Aug-2011 11:01   17368k       
PostgreSQL 8.4                                19-Aug-2011 05:41    8572k       
PostgreSQL 9.0 High Performance               19-Aug-2011 05:44   12216k       
Practical DMX Queries for Microsoft SQL Se... 19-Aug-2011 05:46   10644k       
Practical Database Programming With Visual... 19-Aug-2011 05:47   16176k       
Practical Database Programming with Visual... 18-Aug-2011 07:05   16176k       
Pro Oracle Database 11g RAC on Linux.rar      19-Aug-2011 06:14   14708k       
Pro Oracle SQL.rar                            19-Aug-2011 04:59    4208k       
Pro SQL Server 2005.pdf                       18-Aug-2011 06:18   22904k       
Pro SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services.rar     19-Aug-2011 12:38   13332k       
Pro SQL Server 2008 Mirroring.rar             19-Aug-2011 14:35    6268k       
Pro SQL Server Disaster Recovery.rar          19-Aug-2011 11:38    6776k       
Professional SQL Server 2005 Performance T... 19-Aug-2011 22:18   10008k       
Professional SQL Server Analysis Services ... 19-Aug-2011 11:09   77852k       
Random Walks and Diffusions on Graphs and ... 18-Aug-2011 06:53    3608k       
Ranking Queries on Uncertain Data.pdf         18-Aug-2011 12:39    1580k       
Recent Advances In Data Mining Of Enterpri... 19-Aug-2011 06:02    7696k       
Recommender Systems Handbook.pdf              18-Aug-2011 07:16   19724k       
Redis Cookbook.pdf                            18-Aug-2011 06:21       4k       
SAP Implementation Unleashed_ A Business a... 19-Aug-2011 05:34    6628k       
SQL All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies.rar 19-Aug-2011 14:18   14352k       
SQL All-in-One For Dummies.pdf                18-Aug-2011 11:11   20132k       
SQL Antipatterns_ Avoiding the Pitfalls of... 19-Aug-2011 12:37    1448k       
SQL Clearly Explained, Third Edition.rar      19-Aug-2011 10:54    3608k       
SQL Demystified.pdf                           18-Aug-2011 12:51    2188k       
SQL Fundamentals, 3 Edition.rar               19-Aug-2011 05:33    5932k       
SQL Injection Attacks and Defense.rar         19-Aug-2011 06:17    4908k       
SQL Pocket Guide (3rd Edition).rar            19-Aug-2011 05:28    1092k       
SQL Server DMVs in Action_ Better Queries ... 18-Aug-2011 07:51   15464k       
SQL Server Execution Plans.rar                19-Aug-2011 10:59   12328k       
SQL Server Statistics.pdf                     19-Aug-2011 04:44    1632k       
SQL pour Oracle.rar                           19-Aug-2011 05:18   10316k       
SQL_ A Beginner's Guide, 3 Edition.rar        19-Aug-2011 05:38    1456k       
Sa ms Teach Yourself SQL in 24 Hours (5th ... 18-Aug-2011 08:05    4224k       
Scalable Uncertainty Management.pdf           18-Aug-2011 08:01    6344k       
Scaling CouchDB.pdf                           18-Aug-2011 11:12    4668k       
Scientific and Statistical Database Manage... 18-Aug-2011 06:29   10648k       
Search-Based Applications_ At the Confluen... 19-Aug-2011 04:52    2936k       
Securing SQL Server_ Protecting Your Datab... 19-Aug-2011 04:35    3092k       
Semantic Mining Technologies for Multimedi... 19-Aug-2011 22:07   13420k       
Smart Business Intelligence Solutions with... 19-Aug-2011 13:11   18552k       
Stefan Edlich - NoSQL Datenbanken (2010).rar  19-Aug-2011 05:15    1784k       
TOAD Handbook.pdf                             19-Aug-2011 11:32   17324k       
Text Mining_ Applications and Theory.rar      19-Aug-2011 12:50    2124k       
The Art of SQL.rar                            19-Aug-2011 11:36    1652k       
The Data Access Handbook_ Achieving Optima... 19-Aug-2011 06:00    2860k       
The Definitive Guide to MongoDB_ The NoSQL... 18-Aug-2011 08:00    4348k       
The Definitive Guide to SQLite.rar            19-Aug-2011 05:30    3784k       
The Language of SQL_ How to Access Data in... 18-Aug-2011 07:47   15788k       
The Relational Database Dictionary.rar        19-Aug-2011 06:28    1320k       
Troubleshooting Oracle Performance.pdf        18-Aug-2011 10:48   13188k       
Two Minute SQL Server Stumpers Vol. 5         19-Aug-2011 22:12    1232k       
Two Minute SQL Server Stumpers.rar            19-Aug-2011 05:24    2308k       
Uncertain Schema Matching.rar                 19-Aug-2011 04:34    1740k       
Using Microsoft Access 2010.pdf               19-Aug-2011 04:40   20656k       
Using SQLite by.rar                           19-Aug-2011 11:03    6924k       
Windows Azure Step by Step.pdf                18-Aug-2011 07:43   27764k       

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