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Dork Editor

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Place dorks or URL with dorks in them in the input and choose one of the manipulator tools.


Example of Keywords tool:

insert dorks into input

type in keywords (line by line) in the Keywords box and click add

output will look something like this:






Example of Trim URL tool:

insert dorks into input

check the options you want (Remove url removes everything left of the dork. Example: http://www.site.com/dork.php?id= will result in just dork.php?id=

Remove query will take away what the parameter is set to (maybe query isn't the right word but idk what it's called lol)

example: dork.php?id=test as input will output: dork.php?id=



-Requires .NET Framework 4.5 and Windows (7/8/10), coded in C#

-I am not an expert coder so do expect some bugs

-Large lists can cause the program to freeze


Please post bug reports/suggestions/feedback! Thanks!


Download (source code included):

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