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claiming available Claiming Available (How to use)

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So in case you didn't know, here at NeThinGoez we have the option of "Claiming Available" for accounts.

What is claiming available? Simply put it's an option you're given to pick & choose who gets the account you have to share based on whatever criteria you choose.

Please be aware this shouldn't be used for single accounts unless they are of rare/high quality.
For example, a single Brazzers account shouldn't be placed in this section however several Brazzers can be. An exception to this rule is something like a hard to crack site like PornPros or Keep2Share etc. 

Only if you meet the criteria of a poster are you to reply to the topic. Don't go replying if you have 20 propz and the topic starter asks for a minimum of 50.

You may ask members for propz but please don't go abusing this, you shouldn't make it a stipulation of your toss, however that being said feel free to overlook the person who didn't propz you for someone who did.
Once you have given the accounts to the members who have met your criteria, report the post so that we may remove it. 


EXAMPLE: [Claiming Available] K2S.cc x1

I have 1 K2S.cc account for claiming.

To be eligible for this account you must have a minimum of 20 Propz & 150 posts.
If you like this please add propz for more quality tosses.

If you have multiple accts they are to posted like this.

1. - account for you xxx - 12 month sub
2. - account for you xxx - 6 month sub
3. - account for you xxx - 4 month sub.

As a member you put in your post I "your name" would like to put a claim for acct 2.

the OP will then edit his post like this

1. - account for you xxx - 12 month sub
2. - account for you xxx - 6 month sub   CLAIMED.
3. - account for you xxx - 4 month sub.

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