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PHP Shells Deobfuscated and Obfuscated

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Once you reach the next level of cracking, you start needing tools to gain real information from places like DBs rather than just dinky SQLi or public lists. If you ever wonder why guys have access to so much shit, it's probably because they aren't crackers, they're hackers. Don't get me wrong, they're still script kiddys nevertheless, as am I, but still, it's something worth noting that if you want to know the next level after cracking, Now you know.

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The link above is a github collection of both obfuscated and deobfuscated PHP shells, along with some tools to help you along the way in terms of reading the sources of them. I'd suggest getting a small little box (some offshore shitty one from WJ or some shit) and playing around with these, it can open your mind to what potential you can have if you just sat down, learned how server environments come to be, you can take everything to the next level.


Enjoy ^_^

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