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Simple Combo Verifier v2.1

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Simple Combo Verifier v2.1 Features:

*Up to 1500% times faster than Raptor 3 - (Using the same files and filters, what Raptor 3 finished in 30 seconds, Simple Combo Verifier v2 did it in 2)

*Drag and Drop - (To load a combo you can now either click the button and browse, or simply drag the file on to the app)

*Visual Feedback - (a.k.a Progress bar, and telling you how many combos met the requirements after verification)

*Quickly Save - (Saves hundreds of mb's a second to quickly move on to the next combo)

*Intuitive and easy  - (no frills verifier. There really isn't a need for anything more complicated than this since 99% of websites don't care what the password is, as long as it meets the bare minimum.)  



It took me days to finish this program, but it only takes a second to give propz :P!!! 



Virus Scan Results: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/114e66ef7159d730639447561ffda109f8e313e9759fd2c70b1985b5940f3770/analysis/1470545823/

Download: https://mega.nz/#!614QhQoB!WOkenXpwlMnypesH-HJmRFmX4D28g8z-uL8ZRHX6190

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2 hours ago, Anubis88K said:

thanks for sharing this program


Please reupload, link is dead

fixed. Thanks for letting me know.

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