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Ways To Gather Proxies And Checking Against A Site [Video]

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Today I am going to teach you how to gather proxies easily and check them against any site.

First of all you should be having
1.Link Grabber extension
2.Automated ProxyLeecher
3.Fast Proxy Tester V1.3
To gather proxies there are many ways,
1.You can use tools to gather them like proxyfire.
2.You can use dorks to gather them.
3.You can scan ranges to get unique proxies.

In this tutorial I will be instructing you to how to gather proxies using dorks.Using dorks in google makes our search more specific which leads us to the perfect results.For more on google dorks you can google about it.
These are the main dorks:
Allintext: Searches for occurrences of all the keywords given
Intext: Searches for the occurrences of keywords all at once or one at a time
Inurl: Searches for a URL matching one of the keywords
Allinurl: Searches for a URL matching all the keywords in the
Making Dorks:
inurl:SSL proxies intext:":80"+":8080"
In this dork, "inurl:" is searching for the urls that are having SSL proxies in it, and "intext:" is searching for the pages having port 80 and 8080 in it.
This is how we can get more specific result. You can add more ports in the dork like add > +":1080"
More New Results:
To get more fresh proxies you should click on search tools and select anytime to past 24 hours on Google.com page.
Now Go Through These Instructions

    Go to the Google.com
    Search for the dork inurl:SSL proxies intext:":80"+":8080"
    Select Search Tools
    Select Any Time and Change it to Past 24 Hours
    Note the first site and the last site and select all the sites.
    Click on the link grabber
    In the Results of Link Grabber Search for the first site and last site select all the sites between first site and last site(including First site and Last site)
    Copy Them
    Go to your Automated ProxyLeecher
    Paste the URLS in a text file and load them the proxyleecher and start it.
    After its scanning is done save all the proxies by selecting them and exporting
    Now go to Fast Proxy Tester
    Write the site link (that site against which you want to check your proxies) and don't forget to click on get title.
    Load your proxies that you got from automated ProxyLeecher
    Start it Wait for all the proxies are checked and save them.

Note: If link grabber doesn't works for you then get link ghoper it works same, for firefox.


Note: this tutorial was posted here in Nethingoez by some one else (forgot his name). So credit goes to the original poster.

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Thanks for this new tutorial car00t and the original poster of proxys, very useful

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