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NLBrute 1.2 cracked

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Brutus Dedik that are running OS version of Vista or higher (all which supports NLA)
Stable operation with a large number of streams (500 and above)
The relatively high rate of Brutus (depends primarily on the speed of outgoing Internet), in this case, Brutus walked at a speed of ~ 5/5 Mbps
Brutus runs on any version of Windows since XP / 2003
It does not require installing any libraries
Supports Unicode authorization and templates% username%,% USERNAME%
Upon failure of the operation is possible since the place where brute stopped
Low system requirements
At work does not create any unnecessary processes
Brutus is on the list of servers, that is, first there is a brute all the servers in the list for the first pair of username, password, on the second and so on, thus avoiding the possible blocking by the server
Support for non-standard ports (on the form can be submitted line input)
1) adds support for blank passwords

2) is now automatically detects brute domains, for example: \ Administrator; P @ ssw0rd \ Administrator; password
3) for those who use the scanner masscan, you can immediately load the scan results in a brute, without parsing.

1) small variations in performance

2) Now you can minimize to tray
3) you can turn off a check list of servers during Brutus, on the case load checked down list
4) you can select RDP port by default when loading lists server ports without (before the default was port 3389)
5) Brutus reset if you want to start re-brute, without downloading again lists ip / user /

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