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GalactusNTG - All in one - Coded by Galactus (UPDATED v1.1)

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Extract GalactusNTG folder anywhere you want
Do not move any files from GalactusNTG folder to a new place.
You can rename the folder if you want, but do not move .exe's out of that folder ;)



Version 1.0

  • Sentry MBA.
  • History Extraction.
  • Sentry MBA reset.
  • Download proxies/socks5 when they are available from my server.
  • Visit popular sections on NTG with the click of a button.

Version 1.1

  • added Credits to @Borax for giving permission to use he's proxies in the program
    Thanks a lot bro ;)!
  • Added both 32bit and 64bit version, might be more stable in 32 bit, but faster in 64 bit(For now it doesn't really matter, but later I may add features that requires more ressources)


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Just now, Pain said:

Thank you.

You are welcome.
Please post feedback, suggestions, ideas and/or Bugs/errors if you have any!

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Just now, bernis said:

my sistem is 64 bit.. thanks you bro

32 bit still works for 64 bit ;)
Updated link, both versions available now.

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well the proxy leecher is what attracts me here thanks for sharing your work with us bro

don't have anything to pay you except lots of love :lovestruck: and +rep :bain:


Edit : program works like a gem just one question how proxy leecher works did i have to keep open this window or i can click ok and keep the program open.aea5e164802746668a20a3b0bd17422e.png


or it would be great if you will add progress bar.

and getting a good ratio of working socks from your list for me its a decent ratio.


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