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Hi, thought I should share a little tool I've made.

It's for cracking MD5 hashes more specifically sub-strings, though it can also do full MD5 hashes as well.

The main point with it is to be as simple as possible a good starting tool for someone that's a beginner to cracking, (its not very high performant ).

How To: 

1# Start the simple_MD5_subString_cracker.exe

2# Enter a character set:  example: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789!? *-+&

3# Enter your MD5 string you want to crack: example: 06d80eb0c50b49a509b49f2424e8c805

or a substring of the MD5 e.g part of the full MD5 hash:example  [12,20] (from index 12 take the next 20 character ) would be : 49a509b49f2424e8c805


--> Tips to get started try generating your own MD5 string and run it in the cracker (use like a short 3 character word to test with) 

--> The more character you use in you character set the longer it will take, also the longer the word was to generate the MD5 Hash the longer it will take to crack.


Download below:

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