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Who wants to talk and share GTA $$$ methods?

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Look, what I do, personally, is go into a Crew Session, Inv Only, or something where there are no randoms. Invite friends, or go in on your own. For this method to work, you must have a CEO Building purchased*. Next, make sure you have the Karin Kuruma (Armored) unlocked and ready-to-go.* Go into the middle of Los Santos and then start Headhunter. This should be fairly easy considering you obviously have the AP pistol and you're in an armored vehicle. After that's over, bank your 22k and head over to the airport(LSIA). Make sure you're good at the little hacking mini-game things. get a chopper, get to altitude(a lil' higher than the Maze Bank building) and start a VIP Work called Sighseer. After hacking the phone, head to the spot, land, get the briefcase, get back in, get back up to altitude, and then hack again, rinse and repeat. There are three briefcases in total, and with the chopper, it should be fairly easy. You CAN get the cops on you during VIP Work, so be weary. After done with Sightseer, head over to LSIA and parachute down to your Kuruma, which you have there waiting for you. Get in, get comfortable, because you're off to do Headhunter again.



-During Headhunter, make SURE you're in a Kuruma. The Target's guards are VERY hard to kill, and they will gun you down if you are on foot or in any other car(even an insurgent).

-You will get a star for jumping out of the chopper after you come back to the airport. just get in your Kuruma and call Lester. After all, you DID just get 22k. trying to evade the cops is just a headache.

-Be aware, during Sightseer, you are going to be using the same chopper to get all around Los Santos and Blaine County. If you crash that heli, you will have to waste precious time and call your Kuruma.

-Make sure you have the AP Pistol. This is a valuable asset. Accurate, strong as hell, with a huge extendo clip.

-During Headhunter, the Target(if in a moving vehicle) is ALWAYS the driver, and the only bulletproof glass on the car is his window. try to use the AP and shoot through the back window for the easy kill. Btw, he has three lackeys with MicroSMGs in the car with him. I can't stress this enough, USE THE KURUMA.









*If not, assuming you cannot afford Heist Setups yet, go into a public lobby and look for CEOs and MC Presidents that are offering leeway to cash. Accept, and then roll with them. if they are productive with their Associates/Prospects, they will do missions that will give you 20k-30k a pop. After saving for a while, get your CEO Building and move on to the next step.

*If not, repeat above step until you have 500k, and then purchase it from San Andreas Super Autos. This is a highly valuable tool in your criminal uprising.





What are you guys' methods of moneymaking in GTA Online?

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